Reality Check

"The boom — or glut — in streaming documentaries has sparked a reckoning among filmmakers and their subjects."

The Kottke.org T-shirt, a Fine Hypertext Product

For much of the nearly 25-year lifespan of kottke.org, the site’s tagline has been “home of fine hypertext products”. I always liked that it felt olde timey and futuristic at the same time, although hypertext itself has become antiquated — no one talks of hypertextual media

The Snowy Day Stamps

I’d missed that the USPS released a set of stamps commemorating Ezra Jack Keats’ The Snowy Day back in 2017. From the Smithsonian National Postal Museum : It was the first full-color picture book to have an African American protagonist. Keats received the 1963 Caldecott Medal

The panspermia theory

Why ‘panspermia theory’ – the wild idea of microbes ‘hitchhiking’ on meteoroids through the cosmos – is now taken seriously - by Aeon Video Watch at Aeon


Under the mkone tree

When I returned to Kenya, where I grew up, I found biomedicine and traditional medicine in conversation about mental health - by Priya Basil Read at Aeon


Self restaint vs systemic restraint

It’s not hypocritical to help yourself at a buffet at the same time you counsel the owner of the restaurant to limit the number of trips that people take so that the restaurant can become sustainable. It’s possible to argue for systemic changes to cultural systems while also

Can Netflix be a lifestyle brand?

2022 wasn’t exactly a chill year for Netflix. With its stock price down and subscriber losses piling up, the streamer ventured into new territories — doubling down on games, …

🎬 Amazon’s media bet

Plus: Google just hold-my-beer’d ChatGPT, an oddly specific tweet, $555k flying motorbikes, tzatziki news, movie prices, and more. View Online It’s Tuesday, …