The Storm Pilot

Santiago Borja is an airline pilot who takes stunning photos of storms and clouds from the flight deck of his 767. Definitely offers up a different perspective than the typical storm chaser photography. You can find his work on his website , on Instagram , and in book form .

Inside the Taliban’s Luxury Hotel

"The Intercontinental in Kabul was Afghanistan's first luxury hotel. Once the site of legendary parties, the hotel is now in the hands of the Taliban, and their fighters are supposed to work with outsiders."

A small shopping list (floss and more)

Here are some books and household items that I wanted to share. I’m mostly into audiobooks these days–a good narrator combined with a good author is pretty rare and wonderful… It turns out that a breakthrough rice cooker is a bargain, even if it seems expensive at first. The

An Update on the Squiggle Shirts

Hey folks. Just wanted to check in with how The Process Tee is going. We've sold quite of a few of them so far, and I've just sent off the first of hopefully many donations to the National Network of Abortion Funds to the tune of $1288 to support their mission of working

The Last Descent

"Though the world wouldn't catch on until disaster struck, a tight-knit community of seafarers, explorers, and bold submariners worried for years that Stockton Rush's OceanGate implosion was all but guaranteed."

The Origins of the Socialist Slur

The Atlantic has an adapted excerpt from Heather Cox Richardson's new book, Democracy Awakening : The Origins of the Socialist Slur . It begins: For years after World War II, the "liberal consensus" — the New Deal idea that the federal government had a role to play in

Flat places

Whenever I stand in a flat landscape, I feel myself becoming weightless, taken out of my childhood full of painful nothing - by Noreen Masud Read at Aeon


Thoughts on the manual

We have more ways to offer instructions than ever before, but it’s not obvious that we’re getting better at it. Not just the operator’s manual, but every way we have to teach and offer instructions… Some (uncategorized) things to consider: The first manual I created, in 1983,