Drawing on autism

An animator’s ethical conundrum: how does he depict an Autistic person without reducing him to a caricature? - by Aeon Video Watch at Aeon


Exhuming the truth

Thousands of victims of political executions lie in anonymous graves. Forensics offers hope for the ‘forgotten’ ones - by Nicole Iturriaga Read at Aeon


Retribution, revenge, and especially, remorse

When an organization has caused harm (through error or intent), it’s tempting to be sure they learned a lesson. We want folks to take responsibility, to admit culpability and to be sure they won’t do it again. But if you need those things to happen to make things better for all

The Biggest Mistakes in Mapmaking History

As we all know by now, every world map is wrong. But some world maps are more wrong than others, and the earliest world maps together constitute an entertaining festival of geographical mistakes and misperceptions. Like so many pursuits, mapmaking has utilitarian roots. For