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A New Virus From Shrews Has Infected Dozens in China, Researchers Found

Insular Japan Opened Its Borders to Ukrainians. Will It Do the Same for Others?

Why It Still Sucks To Get High in the Arab World's Biggest City

Alberta Gave Prize to Essay That Says Women Should Stick to Birthing Kids

Mexico Tried to Arrest a Cartel YouTuber and All Hell Broke Loose

Surreal Photos From the Taliban’s First Year Back in Power

Iraqi Actress Calls Out Use of Her Photo in Story About ‘Fat’ Arab Women

American Shia Muslims on Edge As Investigators Explore Anti-Shia Motive in Albuquerque Murders

Beluga Whale Stranded in French River Dies During Rescue Attempt

The Taliban Vowed to End Afghanistan's Heroin Trade. What Happened Next?

His Son Fell From a US Plane During the Taliban Takeover. A Year On, Life Is ‘Hell.’

This American Blogger Was Showing an ‘Unseen’ Pakistan. Then She Was Gang Raped.

Far-Right Hijacks Global Indigenous Peoples Day With Racist Stunts

Japan Is Getting So Hot That a Camel Died of Heatstroke, Zoo Says

Chinese Official Says Taiwan Is Part of China Because It Has Many Chinese Restaurants

Rejoice! People in the UK Can Finally Eat Insects Again

Rescuers Are Desperately Trying to Save a Whale Stranded in the River Seine

Russians Are Snitching On Friends and Family Who Oppose the War in Ukraine

French Scientist's Photo of ‘Distant Star’ Was Actually Chorizo

North Korea Reports No New COVID Cases and an ‘Impossible’ Fatality Rate

Exclusive: Drag Queen Cornered by Protesters After Story Hour Event

Beirut’s Grain Silos Collapse Exactly 2 Years After Explosion Tore Through City

Spain Rations Ice and Cracks Down on Air Conditioning During Extreme Heatwave

Dead Babies Married in a Wedding Ceremony Decades After Their Deaths

Red Bull Heir Shows How to Get Away With Killing a Cop in Thailand: Just Wait

Inside Afghanistan’s Secret Schools for Girls

China Is Encircling Taiwan and Dropping Bombs Near Its Coast

There Were 112 Cocaine Deaths in England in 2011. Last Year There Were 840.

Why Cocaine Traffickers Love Bananas

Japan Is Getting So Hot That Dogs Have Their Own Mobile Fans

‘Shame of the Nation’: Over 120 Men Arrested After Gang Rape of 8 Women

No Justice For Hate Crime Victims on London Trains Despite Thousands of Cameras

Mexico’s Top Female Narco Accused the Former President of Being a Narco

A Giant Sinkhole Just Opened Up in Chile

This Italian Beach Looks Perfect. But Is There Something in the Water?

‘It's Jason Bourne Shit’: How the US Killed the Leader of Al Qaeda

This 9/11 Mastermind Was Living ‘Comfortably’ in Afghanistan Before He Was Killed

Taiwan Hit by Cyberattack as Tensions Rise Over Nancy Pelosi’s Visit

These Teenagers Are Learning How to Make Bombs on YouTube and Hurling Them at Schools

Nancy Pelosi’s Plane Is the Most Tracked Aircraft Online Right Now

How the #EndSARS Generation Is Trying to Revolutionise Nigeria

Photos Show Human Toll of Afghanistan’s Thriving Drug Trade, 1 Year Into Taliban Rule

Biden Just Killed One of the Original 9/11 Masterminds

White Models in South Korea Had It Pretty Easy. Not Anymore.

Nigerian Man Beaten to Death in Italy in Broad Daylight

The Sinaloa Cartel Is Now Selling Tesla and Prada Branded Cocaine

The 'World's Biggest Cannabis Scam' Is Totally Unravelling

Wagatha Christie Verdict: Rebekah Vardy Loses Libel Case Against Coleen Rooney

‘The Entire Hall Screamed’: Video Screen Falls on Performers at Hong Kong Concert

Rise of the Sperm Bro: The Touring Men Fathering Children and Undercutting the Fertility Industry