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Cult of the Lamb developers Julian and Will of Massive Monster share the design philosophy behind the game and how each of the dungeon crawling and base building systems mesh together.

In Memory Of Philip J Reed, Writer And Nintendo Life Contributor

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Hold Back to Block - How Skullgirls Characters Are Made!

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Apex Legends hits a new all-time peak concurrent players count of 500.000 on Steam during season 14 launch!

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Street Fighter 6 Brings Modern Style and Hip-Hop Culture to the Iconic Franchise

PlayStation Games for PC | PlayStation

id Software consolidates its Steam listings. "We’re rounding up id games on Steam for an improved shopping experience."

Anyone else loving the resurgence of tactical RPGs?

Long-in-the works Half-Life 2 VR mod gets public beta next month

Resident Evil Decades of Horror (pay what you want and help charity) - Humble Bundle

Microsoft responds to Sony's claim that Call of Duty is unrivaled and unique Activision/Blizzard

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MultiVersus modders lose momentum after DMCA strikes

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PlayStation Plus Game Catalog lineup for August: Yakuza 0, Trials of Mana, Dead by Daylight, Bugsnax

Marvel's Spider Man Remastered PC Review and Impressions Thread

Cards Against Humanity donating 100% of profits from republican states in the US to the National Network of Abortion Funds

A Splatfest world premiere demo will be taking place for Splatoon 3 on August 27. This time you’ll be able to choose between three different teams!

EA extends exclusivity on NFL esports

SAINTS ROW – Gameplay Overview Trailer

Splatoon 3 Direct 8.10.2022

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Xbox is coming to gamescom 2022

Sunday Gold | Release Date Trailer

Gotham Knights - Official Red Hood Character Trailer

Cult of the Lamb Review Thread

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Betrayal at Club Low - Official Trailer. New game from Cosmo D

Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers - Release Date Reveal Trailer

Forgery accusations leave the retro games collecting community shaken

Daily /r/Games Discussion - Suggest Me a Game - August 10, 2022

Half-Life 2: VR - Public Beta Announcement Trailer (Mod)

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River City Girls 2 will be launching in North America sometime after its originally expected late summer 2022 release window

Digimon Survive Review Thread

BATTALION 1944 - BATTALION: Legacy - Free // August 16th

Total War Warhammer 3 - Champions of Chaos: Valkia announcement trailer

Temtem - 1.0 Features Trailer | Humble Games

Gotham Knights: Designing Mr. Freeze, and Giving Him a Gang to Play With - IGN First

Train Sim World 3 - Announcement Trailer

Soul Hackers 2 — Aion's Allies & Mission | PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC

Farthest Frontier, a medieval city-builder created by the makers of Grim Dawn, has just been released in Early Access on Steam

Embark Studios: An update on our games (Project Discovery, a team-based FPS, will be released before ARC Raiders)

MultiVersus smashes 10 million player milestone in just 3 weeks

Unawake Announcement Trailer