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Why You Should Read The Handmaid’s Tale: A Timely Animated Introduction

When Frank Lloyd Wright Designed a Doghouse, His Smallest Architectural Creation (1956)

Watch the Hugely-Ambitious Soviet Film Adaptation of War and Peace Free Online (1966-67)

Mama Cass and John Denver Sing a Lovely Duet of “Leaving On a Jet Plane” (1972)

Stravinsky’s “Illegal” Arrangement of “The Star Spangled Banner” (1944)

The Timeline of World War II (Month by Month) Told With Scenes Made from Dozens of WWII Movies

The Young Punk Rockers The Linda Lindas Play a Tiny Desk Concert Gig (at the Public Library)

Sir Ben Kingsley Reads a Letter Written by Gandhi to Hitler (in the Voice of Mahatma Gandhi)

Hayao Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro Is Getting Adapted for the Stage by The Royal Shakespeare Company & Jim Henson’s Creature Shop

Take Graphic Design Courses to Launch Your Career as a Graphic Designer, Video Game Designer, UI Designer & More

How to Get into a Creative “Flow State”: A Short Masterclass

Bars, Beer & Wine in Ancient Rome: An Introduction to Roman Nightlife and Spirits

What Makes Vermeer’s The Milkmaid a Masterpiece?: A Video Introduction

Free Online: Watch Stalker, Mirror, and Other Masterworks by Soviet Auteur Andrei Tarkovsky

Why 99% Of Smithsonian’s Specimens Are Hidden In High-Security

Free: Watch Battleship Potemkin and Other Films by Sergei Eisenstein, the Revolutionary Soviet Filmmaker

Marie Curie’s Ph.D. Thesis on Radioactivity–Which Made Her the First Woman in France to Receive a Doctoral Degree in Physics

Lou Reed Album With Demos of Velvet Underground Classics Getting Released: Hear an Early Version of “I’m Waiting for the Man”

Aldous Huxley to George Orwell: My Hellish Vision of the Future is Better Than Yours (1949)

Color Footage of the Liberation of Paris, Shot by Hollywood Director George Stevens (1944)

Karl Marx & the Flaws of Capitalism: Lex Fridman Talks with Professor Richard Wolff

The Only Surviving Manuscript of John Milton’s Paradise Lost Gets Published in Book Form for the First Time

The Oldest House in New York City: Meet the Wyckoff House (1652)

Rapper Post Malone Performs a 15-Song Set of Nirvana Songs, Paying Tribute to Kurt Cobain

Beautiful Taschen Art Books on Sale Through Sunday: 25%-75% Off

The Otherworldly Art of William Blake: An Introduction to the Visionary Poet and Painter

What Is the House of the Rising Sun?: An Introduction to the Origins of the Classic Song

Computer Scientist Andrew Ng Presents a New Series of Machine Learning Courses–an Updated Version of the Popular Course Taken by 5 Million Students

The Biology of Bonsai Trees: The Science Behind the Traditional Japanese Art Form

Hear a Neuroscientist-Curated 712-Track Playlist of Music that Causes Frisson, or Musical Chills

George Harrison Breaks Down Abbey Road Track-By-Track on the Day of Its Release (September 26, 1969)

An Introduction to Stanislaw Lem, the Great Polish Sci-Fi Writer, by Jonathan Lethem

The Revolutionary Paintings of Jean-Michel Basquiat: A Video Essay

Discover DALL-E, the Artificial Intelligence Artist That Lets You Create Surreal Artwork

Ziggy Stardust Turns 50: Celebrate David Bowie’s Signature Character with a Newly Released Version of “Starman”

How Wealthy Women (Like the Mona Lisa) Got Dressed in Renaissance Florence

A Special New, Two-Volume Collection of Philip K. Dick Stories Comes Illustrated by 24 Different Artists

Danny Boyle’s New Sex Pistols Series Tells the Story of Punk Rock in the UK

Ambient Kyoto: Brian Eno Stages His First Large-Scale Exhibition in Japan

Revisit Vintage Issues of Astounding Stories, the 1930s Magazine that Gave Rise to Science Fiction as We Know It

Watch Two Courses by Beloved Yale Historian John Merriman (RIP): “France Since 1871” and “European Civilization, 1648 to 1945”

Julia Child Shows Fred Rogers How to Make a Quick & Delicious Pasta Dish (1974)

Sun Tzu’s The Art of War: An Animated Chapter-by-Chapter Breakdown of the Ancient Chinese Treatise

Enter the Franz Kafka Caption Contest for a Chance to Win a New Book of the Author’s Drawings (Until June 13)

Werner Herzog’s New Novel, The Twilight World, Tells the Story of the WWII Japanese Soldier Who Famously Refused to Surrender

What Happened to the Missing Half of the Roman Colosseum?

Watch the First Movie Ever Streamed on the Net: Wax or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees (1991)

The History of the Byzantine Empire (or East Roman Empire): An Animated Timeline Covering 1,100 Years of History

When David Bowie & Brian Eno Made a Twin Peaks-Inspired Album, Outside (1995)

Remembering Dave Smith (RIP), the Father of MIDI & the Creator of the 80s’ Most Beloved Synthesizer, the Prophet-5