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Iceland eruption draws thousands of tourists

Israeli artist Sigalit Landau mades Dead Sea sculptures

Alleged member of IS 'Beatles' cell charged with terrorism

Drones set for bigger war role after Kyiv given €19m in donations

Nine Russian warplanes destroyed in Crimea blasts, says Ukraine

Desperate for water: European drought crisis in pictures

Latest news bulletin | August 11th – Morning

Hundreds join anti-Gazprom protest in Bulgaria

Tiktok is still promoting banned Russian content to users, says report

Ukraine war: State TV journalist detained, H&M and IKEA flog final stock, and oil deliveries restart

Europe's drought: Shipping threatened in Germany as Rhine water levels continue to drop

Latest news bulletin | August 10th – Evening

'We fought all night': A thousand firefighters battle Bordeaux blaze

How a black man's murder put racism in the spotlight ahead of Italy's snap election

Girls the 'biggest losers' after a year of Taliban rule in Afghanistan

Footballer Benjamin Mendy goes on trial in the UK on rape charges

Mexicans celebrate Indigenous day with festive march

Russia journalist who made TV Ukraine war protest arrested and has home raided

Clowns entertain Palestinian children following conflict with Israel

Polio vaccines offered to under 9s in London amid first outbreak of the virus in four decades

Tobias White-Sansom: Brother pleas for answers over Spanish nightclub death

Slackliner Jaan Roose completes 625 m river crossing between highest buildings in Rotterdam

Latest news bulletin | August 10th – Midday

Beluga whale stranded in French river dies after failed rescue mission

Salt farmers emerge as reluctant winners of Europe's severe drought

Stranded beluga whale removed from France's Seine river

Right-wing coalition on course to win Italy election, says study

Knife-wielding man shot dead at Paris airport, police sources confirmed to Euronews

China ramps up threat of military force to bring Taiwan under its control

Latest news bulletin | August 10th – Morning

Ukraine war: Crimea explosion, rise in premature births and Russia cuts oil shipments to Europe

Global Conversation: Andriy Shevchenko on Russia's invasion and how the war is affecting sport

Palestinians say 3 killed in Israeli raid in Nablus

Ukraine hints blasts at Russian base in Crimea were an act of sabotage

Latest news bulletin | August 9th – Evening

Kenya votes in close presidential election where turnout could be key

Finland and Estonia call for EU ban on tourist visas for Russians

Whale stranded in River Seine: Rescuers move to try and save the life of dangerously thin beluga

Coca growers, police clash in Bolivian capital

Thousands evacuated in southern France due to new wildfires

France drought: Loire river so low it can be crossed on foot

Heavy rain causes floods in Seoul region

Jonada Avida: Death of girl on Albanian beach sparks protests against government

Two years after Belarus election, 'torch of freedom' still burning, says Tsikhanouskaya

Nuclear weapons a tangible and present crisis amid Russia's war in Ukraine, says Nagasaki's mayor

Seoul flooding: Several people dead amid record rain in South Korea

Latest news bulletin | August 9th – Midday

Ukraine war: Kharkiv 'advance', 80,000 Russian casualties claim and Europe's biggest nuclear plant