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Cartoon: Human trafficker

Rep. Eric Swalwell shares disturbing voicemail from Trump supporters after Mar-a-Lago raid

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‘Primary suspect’ arrested and charged in connection with murders of Albuquerque Muslim men

Why won’t Trump show us the warrant? Because it shows his criming

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Ukraine update: Videos show extraordinary damage to Russian airbase in Crimea

Iowa man charged with assault after plowing through reproductive rights protesters

Advocates celebrate end of Remain in Mexico policy, but warn GOP's cruelty is not yet over

Trump pleads Fifth Amendment in New York civil probe of Trump Organization

What do you say when you know the feds have the goods? Trumpland says, 'planted evidence'

'We're gonna come back better than before': Biden supports communities impacted by Kentucky floods

Scott Perry, Trump's Pennsylvania darling, has phone seized by FBI

Republicans promise to do nothing but seek vengeance on Democrats if they take Congress

Morning Digest: Trump-backed rich guy wins close primary to take on Wisconsin's Democratic governor

Cartoon: The Rule of Law

Cheers and Jeers: Wednesday

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: The news of the FBI Mar-a-Lago search is Topic A

Live coverage: Aug. 9 primaries in Connecticut, Minnesota, Vermont, and Wisconsin

News Roundup: Republicans threaten retaliations, revenge, civil war over Trump search warrant

Twitter once again coddles Arizona legislator Wendy Rogers by hiding her transphobic tweet

Sen. Tim Scott fundraises with factless fearmongering: 'Dems will grant abortions up to 52 weeks'

CBS News retracts 'Arming Ukraine' documentary featuring author of discredited Amnesty report

Border Patrol abuses against Sikh asylum-seekers 'widespread,' report says

Detectives use Facebook messages as evidence to charge Nebraska teen with illegal abortion

Ruptured Energy Transfer pipeline spewed enough natural gas to power 40,000 homes for 24 hours

Pathologist: Brianna Grier sustained 'severe' head, brain trauma after handcuffed fall from cop car

‘I was unaware’: Alex Jones’ wife responds to news that he sent ‘intimate’ pic of her to Roger Stone

Cartoon: Convo

Probe urged into Abbott's order purportedly giving state officers increased authority over migrants

Albuquerque police detain suspect in connection to 'targeted killings' of four Muslim men

Trump’s fanatical supporters ready to ‘lock and load’ for ‘civil war’ after Mar-a-Lago searched

Grand jury decides against charging white woman whose lies likely fueled Emmett Till's lynching

Forward Party founder Andrew Yang shows his whole a**, calls FBI search of Mar-a-Lago ‘political’