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Madison Cawthorn, a contender for most unhinged Republican in Congress, loses after just one term

News Roundup: Florida bans all residential protests; deadly hoax-pusher Tucker Carlson still on Fox

Lauren Boebert busts hypocrisy meter with contemptible take on abortion and parental leave

White mother suing her Black biracial son’s school district over anti-racism curriculum

Wyoming Sen. Cynthia Lummis makes anti-trans remark during graduation speech, is resoundingly booed

Texas librarian fired for 'insubordination' was just trying to do right by readers

Live coverage: May 17, 2022 primaries in Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon, and Pennsylvania

New York parents and advocates are speaking out against labeling students ‘emotionally disturbed’

'Repugnant' Trump electors in Wisconsin sued; the Big Lie's spread to the State Department

Tucker and Co. insist problem isn’t white nationalist terrorism, it’s people blaming them for it

Cartoon: Lone wolf

Tucker Carlson seems to have changed his mind about making fun of Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s missing eye

NBC poll: Support for abortion rights reaches record high, Democratic enthusiasm up

Abortion rights is 2022's electoral wild card, scrambling races everywhere

‘You expect us to keep doing this’: Buffalo’s East Side rages in wake of white supremacist attack

Democratic voters increasingly want 'fighters.' Cheney plans to deliver in Jan. 6 hearings

Long criminal history leaves one Jan. 6 defendant cold as judge orders him to stay in jail

The fight for Roe isn’t only about abortion. It’s about keeping families together

Insurrectionist Trump again spews same racist invasion rhetoric used by Buffalo shooter

Ukraine update: Satellites tell a hot story of Ukraine driving for Russia's throat

Chuck Schumer demands Fox News stop 'reckless amplification' of racist 'replacement' theory

Gorsuch breaks from conservatives in case of immigrant facing deportation for paperwork error

Florida’s newest law bans protesting outside of homes

Tucker Carlson tries to dodge responsibility for Buffalo shooting. Biden shouldn't let him

GOP panic over two major Pennsylvania races headlines huge primary night nationwide

The federal firefighter crisis sadly shows how ill-equipped we are to handle climate change

The responses to this poll over 'the great replacement' are concerning, but so is the poll itself

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