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Ukrainian Website Threat Landscape Throughout 2022

Former Twitter Employee Convicted As Saudi Spy

APIC Fail: Intel Sunny Cove Chips With SGX Spill Secrets

Cloudflare: Someone Tried To Pull The Twilio Phishing Tactic On Us

Microsoft Patches Dogwalk Zero Day And 17 Critical Flaws

Chinese Scams Target Kids With Promise Of Extra Gaming Hours

Twilio Customer Data Exposed After Its Staffers Got Phished

Scientists Hid Encryption Key For Wizard Of Oz Text In Plastic Molecules

Crypto And The US Government Are Headed For A Decisive Showdown

China-Linked Spies Used Six Backdoors To Steal Info From Defense, Industrial Enterprise Orgs

Small Businesses Count Cost Of Apple's Privacy Changes

San Diego Citizens Wrest Control Of Surveillance Tech Away From Police

Slack Leaked Hashed Passwords From Its Servers For Years

Dark Utilities C2 Service Draws Thousands Of Cyber Criminals

U.S. Imposes Sanctions On Virtual Currency Mixer Tornado Cash

Phishers Swim Around 2FA In Coinbase Account Heists

Senator Wants To Set Aside Millions For Small Biz Cybersecurity Training

Critical Flaws Found In Four Cisco SMB Router Ranges

Open Redirect Flaw Snags Amex, Snapchat User Data

Huge Flaw Threatens US Emergency Alert System, DHS Researcher Warns

Chinese Government Website Defaced Welcoming Pelosi To Taiwan

Newly Launched Russian Spy Satellite Might Be Stalking A US Satellite

VMWare Urges Users To Patch Critical Authentication Bypass Bug

North Korea-Backed Hackers Have A Clever Way To Read Your Gmail

Ransomware Task Force Releases SMB Blueprint For Defense And Mitigation

Tonight We're Gonna Log On Like It's 1979

Hack Drains Over A Million Dollars From Solana Crypto Wallets

Nancy Pelosi Ties Chinese Cyber-Attacks To Need For Taiwan Visit

The Age Of Brain-Computer Interfaces Is On the Horizon

Lawsuit Claims Facebook Scraping Data From Hospital Sites

U.S. Crypto Firm Nomad Hit By $190 Million Theft

CIA Likely Used Ninja Bomb To Kill Terrorist Leader Ayman al-Zawahiri

Post-Quantum Encryption Contender Is Taken Out By Single-Core PC And 1 Hour

Spyware Developer Charged By Australian Police After 14,500 Sales

Akamai: We Stopped Record DDoS Attack In Europe

Founder Of Pro Russian Hacktivist Killnet Quitting Group

Malicious Npm Packages Tapped Again To Target Discord Users

Threat Actors Pivot Around Microsoft's Macro-Blocking In Office

JPMorgan, UBS Among Trio Accused Of Shoddy ID Theft Protection

Ransomware Hit The American Dental Association

BreachForums Booms On The Back Of Billion Record Chinese Data Leak

US Court System Suffered Incredibly Significant Attack - Sealed Files At Risk

US Puts $10 Million Bounty On North Korean Cyber Crews

FileWave Fixes Bugs That Left 1,000+ Orgs Open To Ransomware

Microsoft Exposes Tactics Of European Mercenary Spyware Broker

Inside The Energy Department's 10-Year Plan To Reshape Cybersecurity In The Sector

Discovery Of New UEFI Rootkit Exposes An Ugly Truth: The Attacks Are Invisible To Us

Woman Tells Congress What It's Liked To Be Hacked By NSO's Pegasus

Messaging Apps Tapped As Platform For Cybercriminal Activity

Time Between Vulnerability Disclosures To Exploits Is Shrinking