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U.S. Gun Production Triples Since 2000, Fueled by Handgun Purchases

Japan’s Economy Shrank 1 Percent as Consumers Fled Covid

U.S. Accuses Steve Wynn of Lobbying Trump on Behalf of China

Before the Buffalo Shooting Began, Suspect Invited Others to Review Plans on Discord.

Michigan Judge Suspends an Abortion Ban From 1931

Why Do We Swallow What Big Oil and the Green Movement Tell Us?

Fearing ‘Extinction-Level Event,’ N.Y. Democrats Turn Against Each Other

Justice Dept. Is Said to Request Transcripts From Jan. 6 Committee

The Right Weaponizes America Against Itself

Three Questions About Today’s Consequential Primaries

Ukrainian Holdouts in Mariupol Surrender to an Uncertain Fate

Your Tuesday Evening Briefing

Russian Hacking Cartel Attacks Costa Rican Government Agencies

Urvashi Vaid, Pioneering L.G.B.T.Q. Activist, Is Dead at 63

White House Offers Another Round of Free Virus Tests Through U.S.P.S.

Elon Musk Says Twitter Deal ‘Cannot Move Forward’ in Current State

Attack hits local Black publications hard, taking one of their own.

Climate Change Has Made Deadly Heat Waves Normal

‘Racism’ Has Too Many Definitions. We Need Another Term.

Background checks are popular. Why can’t Congress expand them?

Apple Delays and Modifies Its Return to Office Plans

Pentagon Faults Review of Deadly Airstrike but Finds No Wrongdoing

Wisconsin Democrats Sue G.O.P. Fake Electors Over 2020 Scheme

House Democrats Release $28 Million Aid Bill to Address Formula Shortage

Crashing Crypto: Is This Time Different?

For ‘The Lincoln Lawyer,’ Manuel Garcia-Rulfo Climbs in the Front Seat

How the Stanley Tumbler Became So Popular

Know your risks. Then prepare.

With Plunging Enrollment, a ‘Seismic Hit’ to Public Schools

With Ukraine Taking Firmer Stance, Peace Talks Grind to a Halt

Retired Russian Colonel Says on State TV That Ukraine War Isn’t Going Well

Shared Los Angeles Studios Nurture Emerging Artists

The F.D.A. authorizes Pfizer-BioNTech boosters for children ages 5 to 11.

The Foot Soldiers in India’s Battle to Improve Public Health

On a Russian talk show, a retired colonel stuns his colleagues by pointing out that the invasion isn’t going well.

Poor Countries Face a Mounting Catastrophe Fueled by Inflation and Debt

How Biden Could Alleviate the Baby Formula Shortage

Congress Holds First UFO Hearing in Half a Century

With Gas Pumps All but Dry, Sri Lanka Faces Its ‘Most Difficult Time’

In Risky Move, U.K. Signals It May Scrap Some Northern Ireland Trade Rules

North Korea’s Covid Outbreak Continues to Worsen

Most Extremist Violence in the U.S. Comes From the Political Right

The Mexican Model of Abortion Rights

Yellen Calls on Europe to Boost Ukraine Aid

Start-Ups Flock to WeWork, Trellis and Other Low-Commitment Spaces

In Bucha, a Symbol of Death and Atrocity, Life Returns

$100 Million Film Studio to Rise From Rubble of Ex-Public Housing Site

Prince Charles and Camilla Visit Canada