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Pegasus Mail Newsflashes

Git ignores .gitignore with .gitignore in .gitignore

EightBit-Atari-Fonts: Fonts generated from bitmaps from Atari 8bit computers

Comparing Graviton (ARM) Performance to Intel and AMD for MySQL

Verdn (YC W22) is hiring a founding full stack engineer

How fast SSDs slow to a crawl: thermal throttling (2021)

Doe Invests Half a Billion to De-Risk Cheaper Energy Storage

3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development 2nd Edition

Gimp 3 Beta Released

Why the GPL is great for business

Bringing Bcachefs to Linux Mainline

bcachefs: Principles of Operation [pdf]

Ask HN: Mailing list providers with global deliverability?

Simple, Cheap and Portable: A Filter-Free Desalination System

With Plunging Enrollment, a ‘Seismic Hit’ to Public Schools

Kindle, ePub, and Amazon’s love of reinventing wheels

Recovering the Titanic's radio could signal a disaster for underwater heritage

Rippling and the Return of Ambition

When Your Smart ID Card Reader Comes with Malware

Heroku CI and Review App Secrets Compromised

Gophie – modern gopher client for Windows, Mac, Linux

Princeton Prepares to Axe Star Professor

Star Citizen (2015)

The Unix-Haters Handbook (1994) [pdf]

A Man Who Controls Computers with His Mind

Solar-powered desalination device wins MIT $100K competition

Plagiarized in a plagiarism atonement essay

Husky, Datadog's Third-Generation Event Store

Netflix lays off about 150 employees

Reviving Mind (YC W22) Is Hiring a Product Manager for Digital Health

NaturalSpeech: End-to-end text to speech synthesis with human-level quality

Everything you ever wanted to know about terminals

Atmospheric Pollution from Rockets [pdf]

Gato – A Generalist Agent

Workers deserve the right to disconnect (2021)

Dolphin Progress Report: February, March, and April 2022

A dev's thoughts on developer productivity

Forgit: A utility tool powered by fzf for using Git interactively

King George and Tsar Nicolas Looked a Lot Alike

Comby - Structural code search and replace for every language

Laylo (YC S20) is hiring to build Salesforce for creators

Tailscale is officially SoC 2 compliant

Tell HN: Startup School 2022 – returning to live event, with meetups worldwide

Let's build a distributed Postgres proof of concept

Show HN: AI generated Magic The Gathering cards

Ash Sarkar: “Why men need to read more novels”

Riot Games Tech Blog: Artificial Latency for Remote Competitors

Using a "proper" camera as a webcam

Lepiter: Knowledge Mgmt and Multi-Lang Notebooks and Moldable Dev

I want an iPhone Mini-sized Android phone