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Fully Dockerized Linux kernel debugging environment

General Belief in a Just World Is Positively Associated with Dishonest Behavior

No Silver Bullet (1986) [pdf]

CEO's LinkedIn Crying Selfie About Layoffs Met with Backlash

Using satellites to uncover large methane emissions from landfills

Launch HN: AccessOwl (YC S22) – Automating SaaS Provisioning and Permissioning

Mindustry – Open-Source Game

Give nothing, expect nothing: Gitlab latest punching bag for entitled users

How to learn hard things in tech

I’ve Contemplated Suicide Every Day of My Life Since the Age of Eleven

There aren't that many uses for blockchains

Podman 4.2.0

Ask HN: How do you keep marching?

Retirement of Amazon MOBI eBook file format

Click the Paw

Robotic swimming in curved space via geometric phase

Join Data from PostgreSQL Declaratively in GraphQL Without Writing SQL

New study overturns 100-year-old understanding of color perception

Where does energy go during destructive interference?

Argentina on Two Steaks a Day

Disney surpasses Netflix in global paid streaming subscribers

Let websites framebust out of native apps

How to design a beautiful map

The World Excel Championship is being broadcast on ESPN

FCC rejects LTD Broadband, Starlink RDOF bids

SQLite-HTTP: A SQLite extension for making HTTP requests

FCC cancels Starlink’s and LTD's rural development grants

1Password Refuses to support Orion browser for no reason

The Case for Degrowth

OnlyFans bribed Meta to put porn stars on terror watchlist: lawsuits

Why does anything exist?

Instagram can track anything you do on any website in their in-app browser

CareRev (YC S16) is hiring Ruby/Rails devs to transform healthcare (Remote US)

Dark Matter Doesn't Exist

Stable Diffusion launch announcement

Nip2: A spreadsheet-like GUI for the libvips image processing library

Mathematicians crack a simple but stubborn class of equations

Review of /e/ – Android-based alternative for mobile phones

MakerDAO May Execute Emergency Shutdown If Sanctions Hit DAI

Show HN: Lumina Desk – digital desk for health and productivity

Celsius Network Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Launch HN: Sematic (YC S22) – Open-source framework to build ML pipelines faster

How SQLite Helps You Do ACID

The semantic web is dead – Long live the semantic web

RaspberryPi for measure bio signals (open-source)

Correcting the Record on Meta’s Involvement in Nebraska Case

'Too many employees, but few work': Pichai, Zuckerberg sound the alarm

How to market to developers on Twitter: Learnings from 4 months of Supabase feed

We thank Miss Mary Tsingou (2020)

Ask HN: Exercises to think, then speak, more clearly?