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“most people will get infected with it at least a couple of times a year”

VoCore | Coin-sized Linux Computer

Taking a Break from Social Media Makes you Happier and Less Anxious - Study Hacks - Cal Newport

I want a small Android phone!

zitadel/zitadel: ZITADEL - The best of Auth0 and Keycloak combined. Built for the serverless era.

Super-structured Data: Rethinking the Schema | Brim Data

GitHub - blacksmithgu/obsidian-dataview: A complex query language implementation for the Obsidian note-taking tool.

Introducing the 2022 State of Crypto Report - a16z crypto

Violent Antagonisms | The Point Magazine


Many software companies are a joke | by Leo Liou | Apr, 2022 | Medium

Firefox Addons for 2022 - smcleod.net

COVID.gov - Free at-home COVID-19 tests

GitHub - ggerganov/kbd-audio: Tools for capturing and analysing keyboard input paired with microphone capture

Amends by Kyle McDonald

CDC community transmission map

Elon Musk Says Twitter Deal Can’t Move Forward Without More Clarity on Fake Accounts - WSJ

Inside Taylor Hawkins' Final Days as a Foo Fighter - Rolling Stone

Off-Grid Cyberdeck! The Raspberry Pi Recovery Kit — BACK7.CO

New WebKit Features in Safari 15.5 | WebKit

See A Satellite Tonight

Satya Nadella details Microsoft plan for 'significant additional investment' in employee compensation – GeekWire

The weird Hewlett Packard FreeDOS option

Webpage List

Google Is Sharing Our Data at a Startling Scale - The Washington Post

Wrong by Default

The ‘E-Pimps’ of OnlyFans

Untitled (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfPCdJapIXA&feature=youtu.be)

Laurence Tratt: Using a "Proper" Camera as a Webcam

Bike Editor - Tool for thought

on terminal control

Breastfeeding isn’t a solution to the national baby formula shortage - Vox

Comby〔 Rewrite Code 〕

Living With The Far-Right Insurgency In Idaho | HuffPost Latest News

tetratelabs/wazero: wazero lets you run WebAssembly modules with zero platform dependencies