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Entangling single atoms over 33 km telecom fibre

Direct observation of vortices in an electron fluid

A synergistic mindsets intervention protects adolescents from stress

Hippocampal place cells have goal-oriented vector fields during navigation

A path forward for analysing the impacts of marine protected areas

Turbulent cold flows gave birth to the first quasars

‘Snow droughts’ followed by extreme heat are striking more of the planet

Immune tolerance of food is mediated by layers of CD4 + T cell dysfunction

Synthetic molecular cluster hints at mechanism of nitrogen fixation

Nitrogen reduction by the Fe sites of synthetic [Mo 3 S 4 Fe] cubes

Online mindset training protects adolescents from stress

Coherent interfaces govern direct transformation from graphite to diamond

Super-enhancer hypermutation alters oncogene expression in B cell lymphoma

100-year-old pandemic flu viruses yield new genomes

A gene-expression axis defines neuron behaviour

A compound that tames sodium batteries’ hazardous habits

Single-cell roadmap of human gonadal development

Intrinsically unidirectional chemically fuelled rotary molecular motors

Molecular landscapes of human hippocampal immature neurons across lifespan

Revealing the origin of the first supermassive black holes

Bullying in science: largest-ever national survey reveals bleak reality

A transcriptomic axis predicts state modulation of cortical interneurons

Biosynthesis of strychnine

Sharing economy

The right mix: making a hybrid conference work for all

Vortices produced and studied in electron fluids

Action suppression reveals opponent parallel control via striatal circuits

Switching labs during a PhD

Topology turns the crank on a magnetoelectric switch

Clinical trials for pig-to-human organ transplants inch closer

Did COVID vaccine mandates work? What the data say

The neuronal logic of how internal states control food choice

Quantum memories entangled over tens of kilometres of optical fibre

Why lectures are like blind dates

C. elegans as a model for inter-individual variation in metabolism

A time-resolved, multi-symbol molecular recorder via sequential genome editing

Higgs boson turns ten: the mysteries physicists are still trying to solve

A male steroid controls female sexual behaviour in the malaria mosquito

A receptor–channel trio conducts Ca 2+ signalling for pollen tube reception

Biggest bacterium, comet capture and growing deserts

Reply to: A path forward for analysing the impacts of marine protected areas

Topologically protected magnetoelectric switching in a multiferroic

Need web data? Here’s how to harvest them

‘Helmets’ shield shrimp from their own supersonic shock waves

Emerging infectious diseases expose gaps in UN’s SDG framework

Promote clean-energy transition in student education

Upgraded LHC begins epic run to search for new physics

Antibody evasion by SARS-CoV-2 Omicron subvariants BA.2.12.1, BA.4, & BA.5

Vomiting viruses, fruit and veg emissions — the week in infographics

Author Correction: Transcriptional regulation of a metastasis suppressor gene by Tip60 and β-catenin complexes