Band To Watch: Home Is Where

Chris Goodin

Home Is Where have done the homework assignment. The Palm Coast, Florida four-piece’s music is composed of self-deprecating wails, crashing guitar riffs, and a flicker of lyrical hope that almost feels naive — in other words, the perfect foundation for classic emo catharsis. Their debut album, I Became Birds — soon to see limited edition vinyl release via Knifepunch and Father/Daughter — plays like In The Aeroplane Over The Sea for a new generation of emo fans. Singer Brandon MacDonald, drummer Josiah Gardella, guitarist Trace George, and bassist Connor O’Brien are bonafide music geeks who take pride in studying their predecessors, and it shows in the pitch-perfect decisions of their songs. But more than anything else, Home Is Where are just trying to make their home state proud as the latest in a long (yet often overlooked) lineage of Florida emo bands.

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