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uhhh before you guys ape into ICP you might wanna look at the docs. Nodes submit expense reports via expensify...? 🧐

is this the literal biggest L of all time?


@sthenc @wheatpond Not a rapper, but Lily Allen would have certainly been the wealthiest person on Earth within the next 10 years.

She declined to stream one of her concerts for 200,000 BTC in 2009/10.

the absolute highlight of this cycle for me is dogebois getting upset that shiba is a scam


- CFO, David Glazer said announced during a recent earnings call

tl;dr new Indian variant of COVID spreads much faster but vaccines DO work against it—latter obviously extremely good news

@Trevor Bedford:

The drivers of the #COVID19 epidemic in India are certainly multifactorial, but we have now seen the viral lineage B.1.617 linked to this epidemic continue to increase in frequency in India and spread rapidly outside of the country. 1/10

which rapper do y'all think has the most btc? nas?

Don’t want a lambo but when btc hits 100k I’m gonna get some weird birds, flex on these chicken raising VCs

in general this pattern feels very underused “friend of n friends aka not a bot or a random” is such a useful classifier

@Kevin Kwok:

another one of course that should exist is open-to-follows-of-my-follows DMs

No chance twitter will build any of these. But lots of things that *ought* to exist in another universe with more control over ruleset for DMs etc

Your Handshake TLD *is* your social engineering-resistant SMS identifier for ultra secure chat apps 🔒

On another occasion, Erdős met a mathematician and asked him where he was from. `Vancouver,' the mathematician replied. `Oh, then you must know my good friend Elliot Mendelson,' Erdős said. The mathematician replied, `I am your good friend Elliot Mendelson.'

All my friends that were kinda freaking out about covid two months before everyone else are kinda freaking out about inflation

How it started: How it's going:

The core activity of American heavy manufacturing is buying heavy equipment with tax money and then blowing it up in Afghanistan. The military is not just the biggest socialist institution in America, but now the biggest Keyensian one too

In my eyes the biggest advantage $BTC has over $ETH is that you don't have to trust Ethereum people. You don't have to trust anybody.

Bitcoin really does feel more decentralized, easier and safer to recommend in that sense. If I was a nation state I'd pick BTC to hoard.

Vtubers and crypto are a winning combo, it makes sense for pseudonymous characters to make dank content about a technology started by a pseudonymous creator.

school food even at bougie schools being such fucking trash is like the secret tell they let slip that school is 100% just prison lite, in loco parentis my ass

@man on pink corner:

how is your school so poor that they punch the...

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I try explaining this to TradFi people as follows:

Borrowing against LP shares and putting borrowed capital into Aave/Compound (in 1 tx, 1m)


Taking Virtu shares to Goldman for securities lending, borrowing cash against them and shoving it into the repo market (4tx, weeks)

this makes me extremely happy

tell your friends about happiness

Some building beauty shots by Iwan Baan in honor of Beinecke architect Gordon Bunshaft on his birthday

How did people have international relationships before the internet?

I guess that must not have been much of a thing.

honestly given how this year is going, i’d say the gold asteroid is in play

We're the last generation that will use our real faces on the public internet. Soon, the pseudonymous economy.

日本のファンの皆さん、誰か私のロボットを直島の黄カボチャまで持っててくれませんか?実はとある偉い方と約束をしまして、もしそれができたら、私が指定した慈善団体にETHを五枚寄付してくれそうです。よろしくお願いします! cc @CRYPTANNEWS @shingen_crypto @russmonk

@Louis Aboud-Hogben:

I will donate 5 ETH to any charity of your choice if you...

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Mom: what’s degen?

Me: Professional risk taker

Mom: so they evaluate risk closely?

Me: no they only take and absorb risk

Is crypto a major climate problem? As a climate and clean energy advocate, speaker, and investor, I just don't worry that much about it. Here's why.