Music & art person, DJing, making records and programming audiovisual things. Queer. He/they. Sometimes known as @bow_church or @demoscenetm

I am very happy to have translated this extraordinary essay by @fuwolff on ~being a Jew in Germany~. Thanks to Fabian for trusting me with his important words.

*sigh* now that Typescript is my main language I'm gonna have to make some kind of peace with npm aren't I?

I'm seeing a lot of people FOMO quit their jobs to join "crypto", probably out of some over-romanticized view of what goes on in these projects. Let me illuminate you about what actually happens:


I created a 6 minute animated music video to go with my latest release Spaceport Lounge Music. I'm pretty new to character animation and it took me 30+ hours, but I love how it turned out!

Please stop contacting me to explain NFTs. Of course I know what they are. Of course I am aware that you just can’t funge em. If you can’t think why an artist might rather not make needlessly wasteful trading cards for the finance sector, I don’t know what you think art is for.

Be the flower-appreciating squirrel you want to see in the world 🌼

Today we achieved the dream.

Made a function called `missyElliott` that takes a data structure, flips it, and reverses it.

I have ascended.

It's release day! I've got a brand new EP out called Spaceport Lounge Music with 2 tracks by me and remixes by my good friends @kurtrreinartz and Halffish. Get in the mood for some space travel over at Bandcamp


@Charlotte Jee:

I've found it, the perfect explanation of NFTs

I fell back in love with music once I stopped listening to music recommended to me by collaborative filtering algorithms and started to listen to human-curated quality music radio all day instead. @NTSlive

Bitcoin consumes 100x more energy than CERN.
CERN explores the misunderstood secrets of matter. Bitcoin explores the infinite stupidity and greed of mankind.

Which of you hilarious pranksters managed to dupe all these companies into thinking that a chatbot was a good UX for browsing a FAQ or filling out a form?

I mean, what do you expect? Combining the worst parts of good old-fashioned environmental destruction for profit with a smug get-rich-quick libertarian techbro attitude doesn't exactly make you fun to talk to.


About 60%...

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I recorded a new mix for Edge Network, featuring loads of tracks by lesser-known Berlin producers (and strictly no industrial techno). Fasten your seatbelts, pay close attention to the safety demonstration, and come join me on the journey

When we say "crypto mining is destroying the planet" this is what we mean. Even if it's 100% powered by renewable energy, that's THOUSANDS of processors that could be used to do ANYTHING for humanity other than just print money for douchey techbros.

🇪🇺 Dear EU Citizens,

🇬🇧 Dear UK Citizens,

🇺🇸 Dear US Citizens,

🇦🇺 Dear Australian Citizens,

Do you want a longer pandemic?

No, of course not.

But your governments, by blocking wider production of vaccines globally, are prolonging the pandemic.

Take your book out for the weekend! Get ice-cream together. Ride a tandem bicycle. Hold each other close as you watch the sun sink behind the rolling meadows. Whisper sweet nothings into its binding.

I feel like I should have asked this when the whole internet was watching me on Tuesday, but since I didn't get into uni does anyone want to hire me? 😅 Esp freelance commissions, contract work with audio dev, part-time maybe even full time Berlin or remote ->

REJECTED! I'm officially not pretentious enough to study sound at art school. Their loss tbh

It's been interesting to see The Endless Acid Banger mischaracterised as "AI" and "machine learning". For me the most fun thing about it is that it's a simple set of rules you could follow with a set of dice and a few minutes. No dystopian big data technology required

Good morning! Here's a banger from 1978

By popular demand I have now also published the source code for The Endless Acid Banger

Lots of people outside of the tech industry follow me now, so figured I'd let you in an open secret that may not be public knowledge.

Inside of serious developer circles nobody takes blockchain seriously.

We think it's a solution in search of a problem. And a poor one at that.

I made a thing: The Endless Acid Banger - jam with an algorithm on this endless techno track that plays and reinvents itself forever

everytime you see a story about "AI wrote this that or the other" look for the line where it says "oh yeah and humans had to sort through reams of garbage to pick out the best bits"

When you're canvassed for local elections, tell them you just want MORE new local housing. Ask them how many and where. Ask about high density medium rise in local empty sites you know. Their arms start waving, the eyes fall off and then the whole operating system needs a reboot.

Any recommendations for dealing with small mailing lists with infrequent messages? @Mailchimp

Once they’ve moved on from thinking digital receipts for jpegs (NFTs) are the latest world changing tech, I can’t wait for Silicon Valley to get back to accidentally inventing the bus every other week.

I'm becoming increasingly convinced that the overarching issue facing humankind right now is a crisis of empathy. It feeds into almost everything.