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Egg Mail ✉️

“That’s the E in email.”

05/10 - 05/15

Announcing our 6 artists

6 shirts. 6 days. Don’t let Nature pass you by.

$20 |

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Never make fun of someone’s art because that’s the thing that saves them from the world. Art is the expression of the artist beautiful soul. Everything is art, and every art is beautiful on his own.

Did you guys know that you can become an introvert over time if you've experienced enough rejection in your life? 👀

Tonkotsu Cube Redraw 🍜

Attempted a marker-style on this one; "Catzilla vs Mobile Suit Kong" 😼⚡️🦍

You ever try practicing skin care but your skin just don't care?


Finally it finished!~~ This work took me sooooo much time like the others but I think my skill also has been upgraded a bit further☺️

#fantasy #illustration #ArtistOnTwitter #WhatamIDrawingTODAY

get over yourselves and stop harassing a new artist every week. it's escalated to the point where someone is in danger irl over what- a ship? seriously? twitter activists in the art community are getting stupider by the day. artists can draw whatever they want

'Stardew Valley' 🌟
The amount of hours I've sunk into this game... 😵 Anyways here's my farmer with my favorite husband Shane.
Love the game! @ConcernedApe ✨

Btw I did this commission for @LudwigAhgren 😗🎶 its in his outros now huehuehue


The moon bun sprites made a latte for spring!!

I imagine it tastes like roses and strawberries 🥰🍓

Do you want one?

#illustration #illust #イラスト #drawing #procreate

💾Hello Lads💾

#NFT GIVEAWAY TIME of my Eppendorf P-310 F on @rariblecom !

If we reach 888 Followers by Monday, I will choose a random person in the comments and send an edition of it to your wallet🔥

💾To take part, follow, comment and retweet this post!


My 1/1 piece Starry Night is still available on @makersplaceco for those of you interested! ✨
Thank you all for the wonderful support you've shown already 💘
#nftart #NFTartist #cryptoart

"Bedroom" (of space lovers) is available for offers at @makersplace
#nft #nfts #cryptoart #cryptoartist

I'm happy to announce that today I launched my first Kickstarter to fund my first small pin collection 💜

There will be two cute designs both in two color variations 🐈

Feel free to support me or share this project 💗

1 hour left in the auction for 'Ramen Village' last chance to snatch up my OG ninja village piece. ✨ #nft #cryptoart

@SeerLight ✨🌙✨:

One of my most well known pieces 'Ramen Village' is...

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The reserve bid has been placed! 24 hours until the auction ends starts now 🥳 #nft

@SeerLight ✨🌙✨:

One of my most well known pieces 'Ramen Village' is now available on foundation with reserve bid at 5 eth. Check link below.
This will be my last nft drop for the foreseeable future. #Cryptoart

One of my most well known pieces 'Ramen Village' is now available on foundation with reserve bid at 5 eth. Check link below.
This will be my last nft drop for the foreseeable future. #Cryptoart

New Drop: MINΞ BOY 🎮☁

Handheld for your fav blockchain
games now on @withFND!
#nftcollector #cryptoart #nftart

Hi I'm exited to start my #nft journey with @makersplaceco . Thanks to the team for inviting me !

some exiting Collab's on the way ! choosing Quality over quantity to play the long game :)

1/1 Edition of these are live now 🔥

Do you want a lollipop planet?
#animation #ArtistOnTwitter #pastelrainbow #lollipop

Went out of my comfort zone and created this. Background is referenced from a photo I found on Pinterest.
RTs are appreciated.
#digitalart #digitaldrawing #Japan

'Bathhouse' ✨🌊
Sorry for the terrible quality. I had to compress it so much for twitter 🥲
Would you want to be spirited away? 👀

I had this 2nd grade teacher who hated me cuz I was a talkative KID. One time she asked me to grab a glue for her and when I handed it to her she accidentally touched the tip and got glue on her hands. She proceeded to wipe it off on my hair. 😩 I hate her lol

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'Midnight Diner'🌙 An animated short collab with soundtrack by @itsoksami
Available for bidding on foundation link below ✨😗✨ #nft #nftcollector #Cryptoart

I know some of ya'll are thirsty for a new drop so I'm verifying today @withFND 🌐
An animation short I made is coming tomorrow 👀


aaaand another copyminter popped up on @hicetnunc2000 Do I gotta make an acc there or smth to stop this? 😭

I don't wanna miss #PortfolioDay
✨👀✨ Which one's your fav?