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ETH pumping because it's trying to be like Bitcoin now is as dumb as DOGE pumping because it's a dog coin that Elon likes.

First US states were competing with tax cuts. Now nation states are beginning to.

@*Walter Bloomberg:


I'm actually wealthier since the private market* for Grubles Tickets values them at $2 each, making me a multi-trillionaire.

*me selling them to myself

@Luke Martin:

Imagine becoming one of the wealthiest people on the planet...

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How can anyone say Ethereum is ahead of Bitcoin?

They're behind 2-3 years in adopting our excellent memes and literally haven't even managed to adopt a sound money policy.

I've only seen 2-3 people on twitter who like the "ETH is sound money" narrative, and they're all paid by Consensys or the Ethereum Foundation.

Remember how all altcoiners trashed the idea of #Bitcoin layer-2? Saying Lightning was vaporware. Saying Blockstream was crippling Bitcoin to profit from sidechains.

Now they're all trying to claim their chosen altcoin blockchain is a layer-2 sidechain of Bitcoin.

Post-alt era.

The cool thing about this is it doesn't need a price oracle like it would if it were a BTC <-> alt swap. Less trust involved.


Just did a successful cross-#Bitcoin-layer atomic swap between regtest #BTC and L-BTC. 🌊😎🏄‍♂️

In the near future, altcoiners will be as numerous as there are IPX/SPX fanboys.

Instead will be #Bitcoin layer-2 maximalists. People who fervently defend using one layer-2 over another. But all will use #BTC much like TCP/IP is used in all applications today.

For every tweet you see from a "crypto" trader talking about Bitcoin dominance or flippenings there are hundreds of people who rolled the dice and lost tons of money.

There's at least $320,000,000 in #BTC on #Bitcoin layer-2 and growing. Post-altcoin era. ⚛️

Elon promoting Dogecoin as anything but a broken clonecoin created solely for the purpose of parodying altcoins is starting to make me question how safe Teslas really are. 😂

Did you know that #BlockstreamSatellite not only beams #Bitcoin data from geosynchronous orbit to a global coverage area. The Blockstream Satellite network also broadcasts #LightningNetwork gossip data and Bitcoin full node source code too! 🛰️🌌

The first cryptocurrency to be in space was #Bitcoin, about 4 years ago through Blockstream's satellite.

It was the first space satellite-received crypto.

#Bitcoin transaction: 75c9a6a3b0a55b770306420824b0ba1b2c73baac446b2314749bd79eeea44701

You don’t like Liquid, Lightning or Sovryn (or any other sidechain or layer) don’t use them. Those things are not taking away from anything, they are just using Bitcoin’s liquidity which ends up good for Bitcoin on the base layer.

>Scale #Bitcoin and add new features with layers

>Complain that features aren't "bitcoin" enough

You can't have both.

"Bitcoin dominance" is 100%. Altcoins are simply not a valid comparison, but altcoiners rely on comparing their chosen bags to Bitcoin because the mere association is good for the altcoin. How is a premined, Foundation controlled, completely separate asset at all related to BTC?

You will never have to touch altcoins to get X feature or Y amount of privacy again. The post-altcoin era means a wide spectrum of #Bitcoin layers are about to exist.

You know defaulting to "sats" would be a gut punch to altcoins when altcoiners are triggered by the mere suggestion of doing it.

Important aspect to Confidential Transactions that isn't immediately apparent. Size of single transaction data is large but can replace multiple transparent transactions.

@Adam Back:

@CameronRuggles @MrKukks @lounes_kmt @NighttimeBit @...

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People upset at L-BTC honestly sound like MP's "Bitcoin Foundation" fans who run a patched 0.5.3 bitcoind and think everything past that release isn't "the real Bitcoin". 😂

L-BTC is #bitcoin but with different trust assumptions.

#Bitcoin isn't a get-rich-quick scheme.

It's a get-freedom-quick scheme.

Square's Cash App uses "sats".

Square also had $3.51 billion in #bitcoin revenue in the 1st quarter of 2021.

Exchange folks wary to add "sats" as #BTC's default because it might "confuse people", while also having Bitcoin Cash listed...

They know how powerful killing altcoin unit bias will be.

Laser eyes to $1 sats.

running @MarinaWallet browser plugin Liquid @Liquid_BTC wallet from @vulpemventures 1st marina address gets B-HAT, next 10 get the B-STK (stickers) redeemable vouchers on @Blockstream store. use code LIZARD for free shipping. integration too, interesting

I can't believe the latest Gran Turismo ripped out car customization. That's like...50% of the fun.

Is Liquid better than custodial Lightning?