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I'm an interdisciplinary 3D Designer focusing on contemporary imagery. NFT-artworks can be purchased at MakersPlace. inquiries → info@hanneshummel.de

Hey #NFTCommunity! Sorry for being so quiet this week. I'm taking a little break here focusing my energy on my next #nft drop, including 4 new flower sets. Stay tuned, will share previews and a release date very soon ✨🌺🌸

its Bandcamp Friday... let the hunt begin 🌴

OK family..... So many of you have asked to see an IG account with my collection so here we go 🙌🏼


Sup #nftfam, shill me your morning tunes! Need new music to discover! This week I go with @chaosinthecbd


Good morning #NFTCommunity! Hope you all will have a great productive week! Get ready for some preview shots of my next series this week✨

🌷➡🌺 𝒻𝓊𝓁𝓁 𝒷𝓁𝑜𝑜𝓂 🌷➡🌺

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The platform won't sell you, you and your art will.

Remember this!

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Focusing my energy now 100% on creating NFT artworks.
Expect great things to come!✨I finally gave my website a little facelift 💻👀 Feel free to check it out!


Working on my new website atm. and found this shot from one of my commercial projects from last year. Maybe I will do an alternative version as NFT artwork in the near future :) #nft #OriginalContentArtist #nftart #digitalart

You aren't bidding on an NFT, you're bidding on a relationship with the creator.

Everyone new to NFT. It’s not easy, it’s pretty difficult to find your feet in this emerging & exciting art frontier. Try not to expect too much, have some patience, make friends and most of all have fun doing what you love.

All, no one compares to you. #NFTCommunity #NFTs

(1/2) Quick follow up to my "block fake collectors" tweet. Many of the #NFTCommunity suggested making a list, but I think that this might not be an ideal solution. Who will maintain such a list? I wouldn't feel comfortable putting people on there and "shame" them publicly.

I think one of my favourite things about the #NFT space is the fact that artists have a responsibility to grow and progress. Collectors are not just buying work, they are buying into the artist themselves and the future of what that artist creates.

Let's go fam, unfollow and block!

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This means a lot to me✨ Kristian was one of the first nft creators I've met on Twitter and he's not only an amazing artist but also one of the kindest peeps here! 🤜🤛#NFTCommunity twitter.com/NoCreativeAbode/status/1383853266446946314

@NoCreativeAbode aka. Kristian💎:


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Share some love for his new artwork ✨ twitter.com/NoCreativeAbode/status/1383478908540973069

@NoCreativeAbode aka. Kristian💎:


“Teeth exposed in a sneer
Obsessively watching the firmament
Savoring what is desired most
Golden Ribbons ground him”

Now available @makersplaceco 💎


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It’s easy to get distracted by price.

Don’t slow down, we still have A LOT to build.

Can I just say we literally have the BEST community in the world.
Truly have so much love for all of you 🤍✨

Check out @laser_lew! He's doing awesome abstract pieces which are not CG-generated. Great idea✨ twitter.com/laser_lew/status/1382012147111235588


I'm Lewie - I build LASERS and use them along with glass, mirrors and H2O to create futuristic, trippy space scapes in my CLOSET! I take photos, videos and make vid edits to create imagery you'll likely not find ANYWHERE ELSE. 👽

These are photos. Not renders.

Hello Twitter, I'm Hannes, a 3D designer focusing on contemporary imagery. #PortfolioDay !

lol 😂😂😂 twitter.com/dstern_motion/status/1381952056722788356

@Danny Stern:

My laptop screen is so dirty I can’t find the real pixel @muratpak 🧐

Hey @ParisHilton, you don't wanna miss my upcoming artworks! Let's connect✨🌷🌺🌼 #NFT #NFTCommunity #OriginalContentArtist #digitalart

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Ooooh they look super awesome on your screens 😍 thank you so much for sharing these ✨ twitter.com/lifeofc/status/1380726119008141313

@Chikai Ohazama:

Digital Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) by @hanneshummel shown on my digital byobu (Japanese folding screen)! 😍 Such a great fit for my project. I’ll have to save up for his next piece or maybe convince him to do a collaboration with me when I finish my digital byobu!

Not only getting +1000 followers here on Twitter in 1 week, but also reaching 3000 on makersplace is absolutely a m a z I n g🤯 thank you so much #NFTCommunity for supporting me ✨ I can't wait to show you all my new artworks soon✨

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✨Inspirational Wednesday Tweet✨
Shill me your clay renderings, I love to see what you are all creating in 3D! Here are 2 shots from my Digital Ikebana series 🌸

📫Don't forget to share it!

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