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what can 21st century democracy look like? https://t.co/PkjFwW92NT

With so many people losing faith in our current government, institutions, and electoral process, now seemed like an appropriate time to highlight the potential of liquid democracy, also known as democracy 3.0. Feat.
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.@dsernst is working on a promising protocol called SIV: Secure Internet Voting.

Check it out here: secureinternetvoting.org

Incredible document from March 1945:

What is it? Why is it dangerous? Where, when, and how does it come about? And how can free people stop it?


For those of us not working on #covid19 ; CS Lewis on learning in wartime.

Incredibly creative road in the Netherlands where hitting the right speed (60 kph/40 mph limit) will produce the correct key - and the road will “sing”...

Did you hear the one about Proportional Representation leading to instability?

The most stable countries in the world all elect their governments by Proportional Representation.

There's nothing stable about a First Past the Post government that only 43% of us voted for!

Physics: 'People are tiny compared to the Sun and therefore insignificant.'

Psychology: 'Yet every living human is already more sentient than the Sun will ever be.'

Space art by Robert McCall, 1977.


The worst year in history to be alive? 536.

A “mysterious fog” (it was unknwon then but was Iceland volcano) covered earth from Europe to Asia in darkness—for 1.5 years, blocked the sun, dropped temperatures to 2 degrees, caused mass deaths


This incredible letter was written by Frederick Douglass in September of 1848, and it was addressed to Thomas Auld - a man who had been his slave master for several years:

this is a really good thread about a thing that i constantly wish i had a word to describe.

i remember the hardest thing about learning to program was that nobody ever said things like "the computer runs the lines from top to bottom" and "'x = y' means x now has the value of y" twitter.com/pangmeli/status/1191112676862308352

Partisanship is paralyzing our country. There's this new method we could use to fix it involving the vice presidency. It's something I hadn't heard of before until I was introduced to @davidblake by @dsernst.


What will liquid democracy actually look like in the year 2050 and beyond? @dsernst discusses this with a futurologist who wrote a novel about this very topic: Tim Reutemann.


Why do we assume that interacting with government is always going to be so unpleasant? What if we could have thousands of floating island nations so that we could run experiments on the best forms of governance? @patrissimo joins @dsernst to discuss.


The USA Constitution, with each Amendment as a git commit.

I can't imagine a better tool to understand the historical evolution of this document…


Never let them tell you that privacy is dead because they will try to make you believe that consent is dead.

If you believe that consent is dead you will allow them to do horrid things.

Don't believe their bullshit. Enforce consent. Make them ask nicely. Tell them to fuck off.

Another US Presidential Candidate (@AndrewYang) talking about the future of democracy