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🌶️ Developer @Google Brain - Big Picture. Artist / Technologist / Builder / Dog Logic. There's got to be a better way

🤯Regular reminder—REALITY is not what our brains actually reproduce.

Infuriatingly TRUE—nothing is actually. moving. Put a pen tip or paperclip at any point to measure.

When synth hides a message in YouTube CC

Reading 50 years old AI books I always find cute how people back then thought they were close to figuring out AI comparing LISP/PLANNER programs to brain/consciousness

and then I look at us now & can already feel the tender looks of 2040's AI researchers on our current DL models

These are the most detailed images of a human cell to date, obtained by radiography, nuclear magnetic resonance and cryoelectron microscopy.

What's between now and GPT3-like models being widely used in production? A prioritized wish list for @OpenAI based on experience working on @elicitorg

Paper Animations Jun-Dec 2020

"Are you fucking kidding me?!"

--my 2yo, clear as a bell, in the middle of PetSmart, upon seeing a snake in real life for the first time


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Check out new version 0.3 of the @GoogleAI Language Interpretability Tool (🔥LIT), our open-source platform for visualization and understanding of NLP models. Now usable directly in colab and jupyter notebooks! #NLProc

The brain's consensus algorithm demonstrated:



No audience, no player, no composition #twittermusiclab #soundart #sundayvibes

there's ice cream under the dance floor! #C4D #toonrig

Every 3 or 4 months I find myself googling for a function to match the specific curve I’m imagining until I’m forced to ask my margined friends. Hopefully I’ll remember this awesome tool in March!


MORPH is one of the most incredible tech / art projects I’ve ever seen.

The team behind it (@nannoucc, @themindtree, @Joshua_Batty) are bloody world class.

Control Software, synthesis and firmware all written in @rustlang.


Twitter: a distributed system for discovering the world's dumbest possible reaction to a stated thought.

In general, there is very little research done on best practices for data curation / cleaning / annotation, even though these steps have more impact on applications than incremental architecture improvements. Preparing the data is an exercise left to the reader

🧵where architecture meets product design:

most applications are different formulations of user interfaces on top of some hidden database, usually made of tables (object types) and their relationships. the ui's main goal is to disallow user input outside of the indended purpose.

Jesus Christ, there’s so much fraud on Spotify;

I didn't realize Spotify themselves was fully complicit though...

Here's an artist that has 132M streams on their most popular song.

Google her and enjoy reading a completely fake backstory with a stock photo decoy.


News article: "Vaccinating the world against COVID is off to a slow start. These firms think A.I. and blockchain could help".


𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐓𝐨 𝐒𝐨𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐞

This short clip compares the development of the phylotypic stage between dolphins and humans, from our new 'Life' series | Instructors contact us now to start your in-class trial! #education #animation #biology

#Geometric #Dance by Géométrie Variable

Our government is hopelessly behind on tech. Legislators haven’t had guidance since 1995 when they got rid of the Office of Technology Assessment. The average Senator is 62. Speeches won’t do much against trillions of dollars of financial incentives.

The most difficult and important is to overhaul social media. We need federal data ownership legislation mirrored after the CPRA in California. There should be ad-free versions of every platform. Section 230 should be amended to not include content that is amplified by algorithm.

Polarization and violence will continue to rise unless we address social media’s cultivation of extremity and conspiracy theories. Fake news spreads 6 times more powerfully than truth on social media. That is a landscape that will breed mistrust and hatred.

Remember: it isn't nearly over yet