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A math-heavy education will convince you that every problem has an elegant solution.

In "real" life there often isn't an elegant solution, but obsessing over finding one will make imperfect solutions better.

Knowing when to say "good enough" and take action is the tricky part.

The SF vs. Austin vs. Miami posts have been super helpful in my decision...

.... to get a place in a town of 207 people that’s really, really far from all of them.

Apple + Google started from these homes in Silicon Valley.

Today, Apple and Google are worth over $3.7 trillion combined.

However, if the founders had bought these houses instead of starting companies, they would be worth $7 trillion with the cost of Bay Area real estate.

Pretty crazy how many entire industries have a pitch like:

“Things will be absolutely awful in terms of pay and hours and doing work you don’t care about in your 20s and 30s and 40s, but after that, if you make partner, life totally gets a little better.”

One of the greatest movies of all time.

It's fine if you have to name your startup something like or whatever because there are like 7 domains left for sale on the internet.

But GoDaddy picking

The key to fundraising success:

Get big names.

I used the phone book to get anyone named Andreessen and Horowitz to put $100 into my company.

I’ve got a Megan Andreessen and Teddy Horowitz as investors and tell everyone we’re backed by Andreesen Horowitz.

Everyone wants in.

Ethereum crossed $3,000.

Here’s the story of how I ended up with over $10m in ETH:

I bought $10.1m worth of Ethereum 2 minutes ago at $3,024 and then it went down a little.

I am the greatest investor of all time.

Jeff Bezos in 2018:

“Our culture is four things:

1. Customer obsession instead of competitor obsession

2. Willingness to think long term

3. Eagerness to invent, which of course goes hand in hand with failure, and

4. Taking professional pride in operational excellence.”

It's amazing how much money you can make + how much fun you can have in tech if you know almost nothing about technology.

A lot of people outside of tech want to break in but have imposter syndrome because the "technology" part of the tech industry is overwhelming.

Here’s the true story of how I became a multi-millionaire earlier this year:

I ended 2020 as a billionaire, and then I built a new wrap around deck with pressure treated lumber in 2021 and now I have over $2m left over.

Keep dreaming big.

If you’re unsure whether you live in “a city” or “the suburbs” - go for a walk in the park with a baby in a stroller and a dog.

If people ask about the dog, it means you live in a city.

If people ask about the baby, it means you live in the suburbs.

Millennials blame Boomers for a lot of our problems.

That's why we Millennials have to do better for our kids.

I can't wait to tell my kids that they're inheriting an NFT I bought for $7.3m, a portfolio of stocks I bought for 1,400x revenue + my Substack, which prints $15/mo.

The head of design, head of CS, head of marketing, lead iOS developer, and the other 1/3 of Basecamp employees who left today should start a company together, where they will get something called "equity."

Maybe they can raise "venture capital" to help them get started.


How to calculate TAM for your startup:

Buy a $1,400 Gartner report on your industry.

Throw that report away. You won't need it.

Google image search the founders of the companies in your space.

If there aren't *a lot* of photos of them next to yachts, the TAM is too small.

Building a $100m company:

1980s: After selling 94% of your company to VCs for a $3m check and spending 15 years to get $50m in revenue, your co is worth $100m.

2020s: After spending 2 years at Stripe, where you were promoted twice, you buy a domain and your co is worth $100m.

Herb Chambers:

Worth $2.1b, all from selling other people's products.

Started a company in the 70s that sold copiers.

Grew the company to 1,000+ salespeople and sold it for $80m in 1983.

Started buying car dealerships, and today runs 60 dealerships that do $3b/yr in sales.

Excited to announce that I have invited 1,000 of the top founders and VCs to my home town of Danville, CA this week to rival Miami week:

988 did not respond (yet)

12 responded “absolutely not, I’m in Miami this week”

Things are off to a great start!!!


Twitter figuring out the moves to avoid more taxes.

So excited to share that I've finally decided to move to a place with:

▫️ Warm weather

▫️ Plenty of hype

▫️ No crime

▫️ Affordable real estate

▫️ Diversity

▫️ Lots of tech investment

It starts with an M...

Any guesses?

That's right.

I'm moving to Mars in 2178!

Tiger Global raised a $6.7b VC fund, which is surprising because I think I’ve seen them fund about $6.7b worth of deals in the last two weeks.

Someone's going to make $1b+ building Wework 2.0:

▫️ Office space is cheap + landlords are starting to play ball on pricing

▫️ A large % of our remote candidates are asking if we'll provide a stipend for co-working space

▫️ Many employers don't want to use Wework or Regus

At Chipotle:

Cashier: "Do you want to add guac for $2 extra?"

Me: "I invested in dogecoin 6 months ago, what do you think?"

Cashier: "So...yes?"

Me: "Absolutely not. You think someone like me who owns tens of dollars of doge is just throwing around money left and right?"

Some people think they’re better than me just because they give time and money to non-profits or whatever.

Oh, I’m sorry but I’ve given 60 hours a week for the last 11 years to non-profits.

It’s called a tech company. Google it.

This morning I went to the grocery store and absolutely roasted people coming out of the store for buying groceries instead of Dogecoin.

Them: "bu-bu-but I have to eat and feed my family."

Me: "have fun staying poor."

I'm starving, but I'm right.

Few understand.

Funny to think about people in 2060 throwing "2020s" theme parties and it's just a bunch of people wearing masks and Lululemon as their costumes.

Here’s the true story of how Jeff Bezos turned $30 into $200b, and how you can too:

In 1994, Jeff Bezos spent $30 filling his tank up with gas, drove his ass to the office and created Amazon, which became a $1.7t company.

Not sure why more people don’t do this.

How to build a $10b company:

Find a company where all the software engineers are wearing suits and ties in their headshots, and then just make that exact same company, but with WFH and casual dress.

My company's April 2021 numbers vs. April 2020 numbers are insane.


Also, we didn't exist in April of 2020, but still.

If you're not embarrassed by your v1, you've waited too long to launch.

In 2012, the v1 of Bitbank (which became Coinbase) had a fun disclaimer:

"Warning: While in Alpha do not use any coins with this website that you are unwilling to lose."