Interview with Zzo38

Zzo38 is undoubtedly the most prolific of esolangers. In addition to his long list of fully developed esolangs are his unimplemented ideas and experiments. He has been creating languages since 1994 with DZZZZ, a Funge-like language not much younger than Befunge.

» Is there a meaning behind your pseudonym zzo38?

"ZZO" is like "ZZT", which is a DOS-based game engine I have used in the past (and still do). (ZZT wasn't Free software at the time, but it is now.)

The numbers 3 and 8 are from I wanted to decorate a pillow with numbers but those are the only numbers they had.

» Your list on the esolangs wiki of unusual features of languages is fascinating, e.g. how COBOL can change the locations GOTOs point to. Do you draw from these in designing your own languages? What are the most esoteric features you've found in non-esoteric languages? What do you consider the most non-intentionally-esoteric language?

It had been said that PostScript is both esoteric and non-esoteric at the same time. Additionally, I would think PostScript is both general-purpose and domain-specific at the same time, too.

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