Make Your Hard Drive Infinite With These Three File Systems

Having storage issues? These three file systems make your hard drive virtually limitless.


PingFS stores your files on the Internet itself. Each file is split up into chunks of 32 bytes or smaller, small enough to pack into the payload of an ICMP echo request and pings it across the Internet. It picks servers by random. Should the thousands of receiving servers honor these requests, each piece of the file, embedded in a different message, will arrive back at its source, only to then be sent out again. By doing this continuously, all of your data can be kept in motion, going back and forth across the Internet endlessly; it no longer lives on your drive, but now in the ether itself, in endless transmission, giving what amounts to unlimited storage. Its designer, Kelson describes it as "like holding up the clouds by swatting the rain back up."


  • While not infinite, it will expand your hard drive to the size of the internet. With over a billino websites, and over a zettabyte per year of traffic, all your storage means should be taken care of.
  • True cloud storage: this is the future, don't fight it.
  • If you don't want to support Amazon or Google, here's your non-corporate cloud alternative


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