Beach Party was epic! Have another location?

Ananda (Dharma Buddhist Meditation), Dhr. Seven, Jen, Ashley Wells (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly

There is a Buddha-to-come
Our Beach House Meditation Party event in Manhattan Beach on Saturday night was spectacular -- with
  • ecstatic breathing
  • hugging
  • guided visualization
  • yoga
  • a profound meditation experience
  • and lots of time to talk and socialize.
We also discussed the use of entheogens (cannabis, magic mushrooms, ayahuasca, and so on).
I have a big place and pool and want a party!
This live event was possible because of a generous host and friend who came forward to offer his house to have a party.
If YOU have a location and want to do the same, there are lots of people who wish they had attended this fun live event.
Get in touch with me (Ananda, Dharma Buddhist Meditation) to feel out the situation and see if it's a suitable spot to eat, sit, pray, love...

Things are funny when we finally get real with ourselves and others. Lol
We can make it as wholesome and uplifting and substance-free or as decadent as is wished because folks just want to have fun.
Beyond the poses, there are 7 more yoga limbs
We will learn and actually get to practice Buddhism (meditation, mindfulness, methods of insight to realize our spiritual potential) and Yoga and get deeper into meditation than you ever thought possible sitting alone in your luxury Himalayan cave. 🕉
Reach out using one of our area Meetups messenger apps:

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