Joseph Goldstein's Insight Hour, Ep. 111 (audio)

Joseph Goldstein (Be Here Now Network); Sheldon S., Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

IMS Book Club: Goldstein's The Experience of Insight/30-Day Meditation Challenge
Joseph Goldstein's Insight Hour Ep. 111: 11 Questions & Responses
(Be Here Now Network, Nov. 9, 2021) This is Episode 111 of the Insight Hour Podcast.
[Enlightened] Joseph Goldstein (Insight Meditation Society, offers responses to 11 questions on topics such as selflessness, right effort, shame, cravings, and obsessive thoughts.
This week’s Dharma talk was originally published on Dharma Seed:
Goldstein begins this session with a guided meditation to help prime us for the Dharma talk that follows. Before getting into the responses to the 11 questions he has received, he tells an anecdote about the value of being mindful of seeing.
He responds to the first two questions, which are about squaring selflessness and metta (loving-kindness), and working with right effort.
“It’s possible to smile at the antics of one’s own mind, and I recommend that, because what I’ve found is a sense of humor is a huge ally on this whole meditative path.”
– Joseph Goldstein

"Perception and Mindfulness" (32:30)
Goldstein tackles questions about planning for the future without getting lost in thought, the skill of taking notes while on retreat, dealing with emotions like shame and guilt that are deeply conditioned within us, and the balancing act of perception and mindfulness.
He talks about how perception can act like a picture frame for our experience of mindfulness.
“If we are staying mindful of planning, thinking, whatever note you give it, then you’re not lost in the scene, you’re not lost in the scenario, but you’re still planning if it’s needed. You can still use that function of mind.”
– Joseph Goldstein

"Mindful of Moving" (59:35)
He ends by answering questions about dealing with desires and cravings, working with obsessive thoughts, the importance of the walking meditation practice, the nature and function of consciousness, and dealing with mean-spirited people.
He talks about setting boundaries with kindness and never throwing anyone out of our heart.
“Probably more than the sitting, the walking meditation, and the mindfulness being developed through it, will carry over most into our lives because we’re practicing being mindful of the body moving.”
– Joseph Goldstein
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