REVIEW: Beatles' "Get Back" starts at midnight

Unseen footage of The Beatles revealed in new doc directed by Peter Jackson
(BBC News, Nov. 25, 2021) Director Peter Jackson (Lord of The Rings) has restored more than 50 hours of outtakes from the 1970 Beatles' documentary Let It Be. The documentary sheds new light on the relationship between Paul McCartney and John Lennon before the band finally split (due to Lennon) in 1970. It is in three parts and almost seven hours long. The film, Get Back, airs on Disney+ beginning at midnight on Thanksgiving night, Nov. 25, 2021.
Review of Get Back, Episode 1
(Andrew Dixon) The Beatles' Get Back reviewed ahead of public airing
Peter Jackson's Road to Get Back (#084)

(Pop Goes the 60s, Nov. 19, 2021) Director Peter Jackson discusses his journey in completing the 4-year movie project. Interviews from 60 Minutes, Newshub, and Forces are included. Also included is this month's Rolling Stone interview with Michael Lindsay Hogg.

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