End of Alex Jones? LGBT+? Greg Palast (video)

John Oliver (HBO); Host Cary Harrison (KPFK, 11/23/21), Greg Palast; Eds., Wisdom Quarterly

I don't know Alex, Roger, or Viking Shaman...
Gay host Cary Harrison has a show on KPFK.org, Harrison's Reality Check. On the Nov. 23rd, 2021, 2:00 pm (archive.kpfk.org) episode, he deconstructed cancel culture fascism from the Left trying to impose political correctness over preferred gender terms. As an overtly gay and proud man, even he is sick of having to keep up a PC façade to please everyone who wants to be called "they" or some other iteration of s/he. But before that, he had the great investigative journalist Greg Palast (gregpalast.com) on to deconstruct Ex-Pres. Trump's crumbling movement, as led in part by growling dog Alex Jones Republican operative Roger Stone. All three are in trouble for fomenting, inciting, and planning the January 6 riots and attempted Washington, DC coup. Jones just lost a civil lawsuit over his reporting on the Sandy Hook mass school shooting, which will leave him bankrupt and bereft of the millions he earned on his PrisonPlanet.com conspiracy theory show, Info Wars.

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