Biden's brain is broken. And Bernie? (video)

(Sky News Australia) [The Cougher-in-Chief is forcing shots on everyone while staring at his coffin? (The Sun)] We thought Trump was bad and boneheaded Bush before him. But get a load of Biden. His dementia is back, his doctor wife (who teaches at a community college) can't clue him in, and he's suffering from late-onset Alzheimer's. But as Democrats, progressives, and anti-Republicans we just pretend he's fine and doing a dandy job. Who's really running the country and formulating the policies and writing up things to sign, authorizing drone strikes, assassinations, and invasions of new places after Afghanistan? It's isn't Biden. But let's just keep pretending it is. How bad is it? Sky News host Rita Panahi says she'll "personally write a check" to anyone who can decipher what in the heck Uncle Joe is trying to convey in his latest gaffe. What is he spruiking about?
(Jimmy Dore) Nick Brana ( takes a closer look at Bernie's fake liberal, progressive "revolution." Bernie's Plan B: Follow me to Hillary. Follow me to Joey. Follow me to...I'm not running again. Bernie wrote a book, Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In, and now he is about nothing fundamentally changing with babbling Joe biddy Biden.
Fox News is a big fan of the mainstream media but not such a fan that
they'll cover for U.S. President Joe Biden as he goes off into senility.

(The Sun) Americans call out the senile leader of the country he betrayed

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