Mindfulness of Breathing: Counting (video)

Why do we count the breaths in meditation? Early Buddhist origins
(Doug's Dharma, Sept. 13, 2021) For many of us meditation involves a practice of counting the breaths. But it wasn't originally practiced that way. Let's look at the development of the practice of counting breaths through some of its earliest written descriptions. Then we'll consider why the practice may have originated.
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✅ Video mentioned: The Five Hindrances to Meditation [previously "meditation" meant "meditative absorption"]: "Armies of Māra"
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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:17 When Counting Began
  • 03:01 The Vimuttimagga
  • 06:35 The Visuddhimagga
  • 13:13 Abhidharmakośabhāsyam
  • 14:56 Why counting may have developed
  • 18:46 Problems with counting
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