Brad Warner: Zen, Sasaki, the Buddha World

Joshu Sasaki, 107, is accused of engaging in sexual affairs with female students and Buddhist nuns, and of molesting or coercing hundreds of others into having sexual contact with him during one-on-one "training" [grooming?] sessions at his Rinzai-ji Zen Center in Los Angeles and at his retreat camps (The New York Times, Aug. 4, 2014).
The Buddha World and the Human World
(Hardcore Zen, Sept. 7, 2021) Buddha is the Center of Gravity (Teisho: is a good book even if the author, Joshu Sasaki, is steeped in sexual controversies.
Buddha is the Center of Gravity
What's the controversy?
[So much for Sasaki's presumed "enlightenment," but even an old hypocrite might know a lot about Zen.] So let's look at his book for FREE thanks to Brad: Joshu Sasaki Roshi's Buddha is the Center of Gravity as a PDF (

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