Did Nostradamus watch "The Simpsons"?

The Simpsons predictions for 2021
(Screen Rant, Nov. 17, 2020) First of all, who in the bloomin' onion is Nostradamus? He sort of predicted a bunch of stuff a long time ago but wrote about it in cryptic ways that are open to interpretation and subject to fudging and distortion.
(The Things) 20 Simpsons' predictions that could still happen in 2021
The Simpsons have an uncanny ability to somehow predict the future.
Like the time he wrote a quatrain with "Hister" in it. Who in the world is "Hister"? For once Screen Rant is hoping The Simpsons can't predict the future. 
Nostradamus 2003-2025: A History of the Future
The Simpsons
have long been prolific projectors into the future of world events like 9/11, from the Super Bowl, to grease stealing, to Trump becoming president. Their uncanny ability to always seem to know what’s next comes from the fact that they always seem to have their thumb on our current human trajectory. There was that time Lisa projected The Simpsons World growing a fifth finger.
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and the whole of Springfield has turned out to be right for many moments in history. Let's analyze when The Simpsons saw into the future [or engaged in "predictive programming" or leaked a false flag operation] and why some folks are freaked out about what they see coming for 2021.
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