Money rules: Recall CA Gov. Newsom (video)

California recall ‘is all about money’ says former Gov. Jerry Brown
(MSNBC, Sept. 10, 2021) With the California recall election just days away, there are some encouraging signs for hated Governor Gavin Newsom.
(Dead Kennedys) "California Uber Alles" I am Governor Jerry Brown/My aura
smiles and never frowns/Soon I will be president...I will be Führer one day
(Fox News) Love for Larry Elder as he visits LA and gets pelted with egg
Former California Gov. Jerry Brown joins Joy Reid on the nature of recall elections and why Brown believes the Black GOP (Republican) frontrunner Larry Elder (a longtime right-wing radio host) must be defeated, all while ignoring the other 40 or so contenders vying for the position should Newson be thrown out. MSNBC

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