"Liberation by Wisdom" (paññā-vimutti)

Ven. Nyanatiloka, Buddhist Dictionary: Manual of Terms; Ashley Wells (ed.), Wisdom Quarterly
Paññā-vimutti means "liberation by wisdom" or "deliverance through understanding."
It signifies, according to the Commentary to A.V, 142, the wisdom associated with the fruition of full enlightenment (arahatta-phala).
In Pug. 31 and similarly in MN 70, it states:
"A meditator may not have reached for oneself the eight liberations (jhānas, meditative absorptions, meditations) but through wisdom the cankers have come to extinction. Such a person is called wisdom-liberated (paññā-vimutta)."
The Commentary to Pug. further states: "One may be one of five persons:
  1. either a practitioner of bare insight (sukkha-vipassako) or one who has attained to full enlightenment after rising from one of the absorptions." See S. XII, 7.
The term is often linked with ceto-vimutti or "deliverance of mind."

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