PBS: Sarah Chayes on Afghanistan (video)

PBS NewsHour, 8/20/21; Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
The U.S. ignored corruption within the Afghan government. Did that lead to its fall?
Harvard alum, journalist Sarah Chayes, 2015
As the Taliban faces protests and dissent across [the loosely affiliated tribal territories the world, but not Afghans themselves, calls the State of] Afghanistan, William Brangham explores the collapse of the country's [US-puppet] government — built and propped up by the U.S. and allies for 20 years.
On Corruption in America
For a deeper perspective, Brangham speaks with author and Afghanistan expert Sarah Chayes, who covered the fall of the Taliban after 9/11 for NPR and served as advisor to several senior U.S. military commanders in Afghanistan.

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