Spotify Parts Ways With CFO Paul Vogel

Spotify said chief financial officer Paul Vogel will leave the company next year and that it has launched a search to find a replacement. Vogel’s last day at Spotify will be March 31, 2024. With Vogel exiting the company, Ben Kung, VP of financial planning and analysis, will

The Best Movies of 2023

Looking back, 2023 was a year of wild swings. And two big strikes (if you’ll forgive the pun) — first the Writers Guild and then the Screen Actors Guild took the studios and streamers to task, forcing production to a halt. Yet whatever was going on behind the scenes, Hollywood

Disney+ Considers Adding Gaming and Shopping Experiences

Advertisers have eyed the Disney+ streaming hub as a place where they might tuck a promotional message alongside the binge-watch of a Marvel series, or, potentially “Phineas & Ferb.” Soon, however, Madison Avenue may have some other opportunities to consider. Disney is mulling

Why ‘TMNT’ Animators Chose Hand-Drawn Style Over CG

Reboots and remakes tread dangerous territory. Make it too much like what’s already been seen and audiences will wonder why it was made at all. Turn the wheels of something completely unexpected and you might run the whole thing off the road. If you manage to hit that sweet

These 4K Projectors Will Instantly Improve Your Home Theater

With more and more people turning to at-home streaming for all of their entertainment options, watching movies and TV shows demands your attention and sometimes a regular 4K TV just won’t do. A great 4K projector can have some benefits that TVs just don’t, namely space. Most 4K

How to Watch the Game Awards 2023 Live

Today’s the day: The Game Awards, honoring the best of the game industry of 2023, will take place Thursday, and the show is free to watch online across more than two dozen platforms. The 10th annual Game Awards show will stream live from L.A.’s Peacock Theater on Thursday, Dec.