Europeans demand China quit aiding Putin in Ukraine

China has felt pressure from the United Kingdom and the European Union as a dozen Chinese firms were accused of supplying Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war machine. After the Group of Seven (G7) leaders discussed the Ukraine war in a virtual meeting on Wednesday, the UK

Next phase AUKUS prime for Anglophone expansion

As the US gets AUKUS Pillar Two up to speed, its focus on non-nuclear technologies may open opportunities for countries like Canada and New Zealand to join the emerging defense alliance. This month, Defense One reported that the Pentagon is pushing for the next phase of the

Moody’s warns US, China it’s time to change their ways

Moody’s Investors Service is busily and provocatively poking not just one bear — but the two biggest creatures in the global economic kingdom. Last month, the agency’s analysts threatened to yank away Washington’s last remaining AAA credit rating. That broadside exacerbated the

‘Crazy rich’ Chinese making headaches for Singapore

SINGAPORE – Deng Xiaoping, China’s former liberalizing premier who opened the once-closed nation to the outside world, once famously quipped that “if you open the window for fresh air, you have to expect some flies to blow in.” It’s a maxim proving true in Singapore as the