Radiation compensation dropped from defense bill

Presented by the Working Forests Initiative — {beacon} Energy & Environment Energy & Environment PRESENTED BY The Big Story NDAA leaves out radiation compensation amendment The House-Senate compromise version of a major defense bill leaves out an amendment that

Congress releases defense bill draft

Welcome to The Hill's Defense & NatSec newsletter {beacon} Defense &National Security Defense &National Security The Big Story Annual defense bill drops some contentious provisions A compromise draft version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) drops amendments

Advertisers flee X after Musk rant

Welcome to The Hill's Technology newsletter {beacon} View Online Technology Technology The Big Story Advertisers may listen to Musk on ending ads on X Elon Musk may have struck a permanent blow to the financial future of the platform formerly known as Twitter with a rant

Ramaswamy faces backlash over debate performance

Vivek Ramaswamy emerged from the fourth GOP debate in Alabama facing backlash from Republicans over his aggressive performance. The 38-year-old GOP millennial called former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley “fascist” and compared her campaign launch video to “a woke Dylan Mulvaney

FDIC chief under pressure to resign

Presented by Wells Fargo — {beacon} Business & Economy Business & Economy PRESENTED BY The Big Story Senate GOP wants bank regulator to step down Senate Banking Committee members are calling on Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Chairman Martin Gruenberg to

Europeans demand China quit aiding Putin in Ukraine

China has felt pressure from the United Kingdom and the European Union as a dozen Chinese firms were accused of supplying Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war machine. After the Group of Seven (G7) leaders discussed the Ukraine war in a virtual meeting on Wednesday, the UK

UPenn loses $100 million donation after antisemitism hearing

The University of Pennsylvania (Penn) lost a major $100 million donation on Thursday amid the fallout from Penn President Liz Magill's comments at a recent House hearing on campus antisemitism. In a letter to Penn Senior Vice President Wendy White, lawyers for Ross Stevens, the