The New Madrid Seismic Zone

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BP cuts back 2030 climate goal

Oil giant BP is scaling back its plans to cut emissions by reducing its oil and gas production by 2030, the company said Tuesday. In announcing 2022 profit of nearly $27.7 billion, the company said it would now try to reduce the emissions from its products by 20 to 30 percent

Virginia lawmakers hustle ahead of legislative deadline

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The politically divided Virginia General Assembly churned through hundreds of bills Tuesday as it approached a key deadline for the year's legislative session. Lawmakers debated topics ranging from accommodations for transgender students to abortion restrictions to energy policy ahead of what’s known as “crossover,” the point by which all legislation but the budget bills must clear its originating chamber.

Hillicon Valley — Microsoft heats up the AI arms race

Microsoft said it will incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into a new version of its search feature Bing, on the heels of a similar announcement from Google. Meanwhile, President Biden will address kids’ online safety and data privacy during his State of the Union speech