Square Enix’s Splatoon Clone Isn’t A Complete Fraud

When Foamstars , Square Enix’s Splatoon -esque party game where two teams of four face off in a giant foam-spewing battle, was announced at the PlayStation games showcase, it wasn’t clear what to expect. Was this just Splatoon in PlayStation-exclusive form? What was the

This Game's Like Stardew Valley But With An RPG On Top

I sit down at my Summer Game Fest Fae Farm hands-on expecting just another Stardew Valley clone, another cozy game that will temporarily capture the attention of Disney adults and children. But within minutes, I realize I am very wrong. Sure, Fae Farm has crops you can farm,

Data Shows Most Switch Owners Are Women, Gamers React Poorly

This really shouldn’t be news and it certainly shouldn’t be surprising to anyone, but yes, new data from Circana shows that—as we told you in 2017— women play video games . In fact, more than half of all Switch owners are women. And a very vocal bunch of idiots are reacting