Subway CEO to franchisees: Remodel your stores or lose them

If you’re a Subway franchisee then you better get with the times or find yourself a new business to run. Restaurant Business reports that Subway CEO John Chidsey recently told franchisees at a company conference that they should remodel their restaurants or part ways with the

The biggest AI chatbot blunders (so far)

There’s no doubt that the chatbots AI companies are racing to release are impressive. They can code , write speeches , pass exams , and even answer medical questions . But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been some stumbles along the way — some of them quite high-profile and

Waymo robotaxis are coming to L.A.

Waymo, Alphabet’s robotaxi service, struck gold in the Golden State : California regulators will allow Waymo’s driverless taxis to operate in Los Angeles and grow its reach in the San Francisco Bay Area. Read more...