Is China challenging the US in Its own back yard?

Is the Monroe Doctrine about to meet Xi Jinping Thought? Cuba, the Caribbean Sea island and Cold War remnant isolated from its northern neighbor for most of the past 60 years, has agreed to let China construct an electronic spy base on its territory, according to the Wall

China, US move closer to high-level official talks

The China and the United States governments are getting closer to resuming high-level dialogue as media reported that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will visit Beijing within several weeks, or as soon as next week. CNN reported on Tuesday that Blinken will travel to China

Ukraine plays “Light Brigade” with British advice

American and European military observers in Ukraine described the Ukraine Army’s efforts of the past two days as a “suicide mission” that violated the basic rules of military tactics. “If you want to conduct an offensive and you have a dozen brigades and a few dozen tanks, you

Big development in Ukraine?

There appears to be a potentially big development in Ukraine focused on a negotiated deal with Russia. “Ukraine is ready for negotiations and a peace agreement,” Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said – “if Russia changes the previously declared goals of the special

Russia slowly shifting toward a total war economy

As Russia’s progress in Ukraine has stalled, with enormous losses in material and people, the frustrated head of the Wagner mercenary force Yevgeny Prigozhin has called for Russia to shift to a total war economy: The Kremlin must declare a new wave of mobilization to call up

Does China really have the chops to end the Ukraine war?

The Russia–Ukraine conflict is like a complex and multi-dimensional chess game, and China’s emergence as a potential peacemaker has incited much debate. China’s diplomatic turnaround, from its tacit non-involvement to an assertive diplomatic role, raises questions about China

Sequoia split anticipates new China sanctions

Sequoia Capital, one of Silicon Valley’s oldest and most successful venture capital funds, is dividing itself into three independent regional businesses to simplify management and reduce political risk. The company’s operations in the US and Europe will continue to use the name

China’s fastest yet quantum computer still way behind US

China’s fastest quantum computer is set for launch but the machine won’t be anywhere near the world’s fastest, underscoring China’s quantum laggardness vis-a-vis the US. Known as Wukong, Chinese mythology’s Monkey King, the locally-made 72-qubit computer has now in its final

Mekong politicians should separate economy from politics

Concerns have been raised by migrant workers that the Thai government will expel Cambodian and Laotian migrant workers. Although there is no explicit policy as such, the concerns are not groundless, because Thailand did in face expel some 200,000 Cambodian workers in June 2014