Israel’s attack on Iran: what we know so far

Israel’s air force, possibly with drones, attacked an air base or hit nearby facilities in Isfahan, Iran. The airbase has not been officially named, but it was likely the Hesa Air Base. This air base is associated with the Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Company, the successor

South Korean president facing 3 lame duck years?

South Korea’s parliamentary election of April 10, 2024, was widely seen as a referendum on President Yoon Suk Yeol’s first two years in office. That being the case, the nation collectively expressed its strong disapproval. With a relatively high turnout of 67%, voters handed

Knife: Salman Rushdie’s memoir of surviving attack

Knife is Salman Rushdie’s account of how he narrowly survived an attempt on his life in August 2022, in which he lost his right eye and partial use of his left hand. The attack ironically came when Rushdie was delivering a lecture on “the creation in America of safe spaces for

How deep is Vietnam’s financial rot?

The real estate tycoon at the center of a US$12.46 billion fraud case has been sentenced to death, a penalty which appears to have appeased an outraged Vietnamese public but may not be enough to stem rising concerns about the health of the financial system. Truong My Lan,

West faces stark choice on Ukraine losing the war

Ukraine is now experiencing a level of existential threat comparable only to the situation immediately after the full-scale Russian invasion in February 2022. But in contrast to then, improvements are unlikely – at least not soon. Not only have conditions along the frontline