China’s Belt and Road objectives are shifting

When the history of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is written, it’s unclear how much there will be to say that is positive. After spending more than US$1 trillion to build a network of infrastructure projects across emerging-market countries designed to connect large

How complicit governments support the drug trade

The modern globalized economy has made it easier and far more lucrative to facilitate and enable international drug networks, and several governments, or elements within them, actively work with criminal groups to support the flow of drugs around the world. This has led to a

More to opioid crisis than China and Mexico

The United States, Canada and Britain are facing an ever-deepening opioid crisis that is destroying lives, families, and communities. The magnitude of the problem is staggering, and it continues to accelerate at a pace that may soon undermine social stability across much of the

US has become an unsafe place for Asian people

Every human life is priceless, and every human death is a source of great suffering. Unfortunately, not every loss is equal, since we have to distinguish between the manners of death, which can be divided into those caused by natural and unnatural factors. With this in mind, it

What do the moon and South China Sea have in common?

As China offers new details of its moon-exploration program, American space officials worry that Beijing will turn a new moon race into a territorial and resource grab along the lines of what the Chinese military has been doing here on Earth – establishing bases on contested

TSMC-Sony JV revitalizing Japan’s ‘Silicon Island’

When you read the words “Silicon Island” you may think of Taiwan – but in Japan the name refers to Kyushu. A TSMC-Sony joint venture is revitalizing the economy of Japan’s large southwestern island. Kyushu was already home to a large and diversified high-tech industry but it