Microsoft’s big plan to cut emissions

Good morning! Microsoft is focusing its efforts into policies that aim to clean up the grid, which would prove beneficial to tons of companies. And it’d be good for the Earth, too. Microsoft takes aim at climate policy Microsoft has set some of the most aggressive climate goals

Ban Government Use of Face Recognition In the UK

In 2015, Leicestershire Police scanned the faces of 90,000 individuals at a music festival in the UK and checked these images against a database of people suspected of crimes across Europe. This was the first known deployment of Live Facial Recognition (LFR) at an outdoor


Gavin Newsom shows crypto some California love

The Digital Financial Assets Law seemed like a legislative slam dunk in California for critics of the crypto industry. But strong bipartisan support — it passed 71-0 in the state assembly and 31-6 in the Senate — wasn’t enough to convince Gov. Gavin Newsom that requiring crypto

Slack’s rallying cry at Dreamforce: No more meetings

Dreamforce is primarily Salesforce’s show. But Slack wasn’t to be left out, especially as the primary connector between Salesforce and the mainstream working world. The average knowledge worker spends more time using a communication tool like Slack than a CRM like Salesforce,

The CFTC throws DAO liability into question

Good morning, and welcome to Protocol Fintech. This Monday: the big question of DAO liability, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s veto of California’s big crypto bill, and the search for Do Kwon. Off the chain Russia still can’t make up its mind about crypto. The country is now considering