Someone Turned Starfield’s Lockpicking Into Its Own Game

Released earlier this month, Starfield is Bethesda’s long-in-development and much-hyped open-world space RPG. And while the hundreds of planets and spaceship building are cool and all, I particularly enjoy Starfield’s fantastic lockpicking minigame. Apparently I’m not alone,

Starfield: The Kotaku Review

As my spaceship emerges from interstellar travel to orbit a once-distant alien world, I know that once I’m down on its surface, it won’t feel like a world at all. Instead, what Starfield will give me is a series of zones, awkwardly stitched together in a way that makes it hard

Check Out This Ridiculous 89-hit Mortal Kombat 1 Combo

Pro Mortal Kombat player Jarrad Gooden, or NinjaKilla212 , demonstrated how absurd Mortal Kombat 1 combos can get by throwing demon warrior Baraka for nearly a full minute. Though the game was only just globally released on September 19, Gooden represents a committed number of

Cocoon: The Kotaku Review

There was a moment near the end of Cocoon when my brain could not keep up with the game. Like being curled up in a wave and then flipped head over heels against the surf, my mind sluggishly tried to work backwards what precisely had just occurred. Where did I just come from?