The Tesla Model 3 Plaid was spotted in Spain

The car company with a performance trim named after a throw-away joke from every 13-year-old’s favorite Mel Brooks film is apparently expanding its EV performance lineup downward with a new Model 3 Plaid on the docket. The Model S Plaid proved no match for Porsche’s Taycan or

Wendy’s might try Uber-style surge pricing for burgers

Wendy’s will start experimenting with surge pricing, much like Uber and Lyft , as the company rolls out digital menus to all its United States restaurants by 2025, according to the company’s February earnings call . Under the test, burgers, Frosties, and other menu items will

Boeing doesn't live up to its own safety promises, the FAA says

The hits just keep on coming down at Boeing headquarters. On Monday (Feb. 26), the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) handed down a blistering report (pdf) detailing its investigation into the company’s safety practices — and to put it lightly, the agency found things