Reality bites for Ukraine

Polarization Indicator: Fragmentation of global trade continues David Woo breaks down data pointing to a noticeable decrease in direct trade between China and major developed economies such as the US, Japan, and Germany, as well as diminishing short-term, geopolitical risks,

Caucasus crisis could destabilize all of Eurasia

In the past few days, there has been a steady stream of ethnic Armenians fleeing the contested region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Azerbaijan launched a 24-hour assault on the Armenian enclave, which is surrounded by Azerbaijani territory, on September 19 and, following a ceasefire

Nickel nationalism working well for Indonesia

The International Monetary Fund’s June 2023 assessment of Indonesia’s export ban policy has reignited debate on Indonesia’s downstream industrial policy. Advocates emphasize its substantial impact on export revenues and value addition, while critics pinpoint the fiscal cost

The future of AI in China

Rapid developments in generative artificial intelligence (AI) – algorithms used to create new text, pictures, audio, or other types of content – are concerning regulators globally. These systems are often trained on personal and copyrighted data scraped from the internet,