FraudGPT, WormGPT and the rise of dark LLMs

The internet, a vast and indispensable resource for modern society, has a darker side where malicious activities thrive. From identity theft to sophisticated malware attacks, cybercriminals keep coming up with new scam methods. Widely available generative artificial

US boosts B-2 bombers amid B-21 production delays

The US has upgraded its legacy B-2 Spirit stealth bombers with cutting-edge software, slashing update times and supercharging combat readiness against near-peer adversaries. The move comes amid potential production shortfalls in the next-generation B-21 Raider stealth bomber

Malaysia-Philippines diverge on China in South China Sea

At the recent 37th Asia-Pacific Roundtable in Kuala Lumpur, differences between Southeast Asian nations on the South China Sea issue played out across panels, speeches and off-the-cuff comments, even as delegates discussed regional cooperation opportunities and ASEAN centrality