New US nuclear sub made for China, Russia war

The US is designing its SSN(X) next-generation nuclear attack submarine in a significant shift from procuring Virginia class SSNs to a new class by the 2030s. The program addresses maintenance woes in its current nuclear attack submarine fleet and reorients US undersea warfare

Abe’s funeral puts a hex on Kishida

Could the ghost of Shinzo Abe reach up from the grave and drag down Prime Minister Fumio Kishida with him? Only in a Japanese horror movie, perhaps – but today’s event is proving to be a nightmare for both Prime Minister Kishida and the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. The

The many ills plaguing Singapore’s chipmakers

SINGAPORE – Robust demand for Singapore’s electronics and semiconductors during the pandemic fueled the city-state’s fastest economic expansion in over a decade and big-ticket investments in chip-making capacity. Now, the notoriously cyclical semiconductor industry is in the

Why the West is trumpeting its Ukraine war intel

Intelligence agencies are secretive organizations that generate secret products. Their reports come adorned with reminders to maintain discretion: “Top Secret” this, “Sensitive Compartmented Information” that. Those following former US president Donald Trump’s curious filing

India called to task over Covid politicization

The high death toll of the first two years of the Covid-19 pandemic is a profound tragedy and a massive societal failure at multiple levels, says the latest report by The Lancet medical journal’s Covid-19 Commission. Putting accountability on the World Health Organization

Vietnam ready for next FDI wave out of China

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Vietnam continues to increase, rising from US$11.57 billion in July to $12.8 billion in August 2022, signaling the country’s recovery from Covid-19. The growth is partly due to Hanoi’s consistent efforts to provide a safe and welcoming

Is it time for a rethink of social media?

Social-media companies have done well out of the US congressional hearings on the so-called insurrection of January 6, 2021. They also profited from live-streamed video as rioters stormed the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, on that day. They profited from the incendiary