Time for China to move past GDP growth targets

Sometimes, good news on China’s economy is actually bad news for the broader global economy and financial system. The reference here is to the suspense surrounding Beijing’s highly anticipated annual gross domestic product (GDP) target. This market ritual is playing out again

Bytes to battles: a short cyberwar history

This is part three of a series, ‘Lessons from the first cyberwar.’ Read part one and part two. Over the past two decades, warfare has expanded beyond mere physical confrontations to encompass the digital realm. As a result, cyber capabilities have been growing, leading

Banking on the next US financial crisis

This is the first of a three-part series Doomsaying, as Jonah complained to God, is a game that a doomsayer cannot win. This applies in spades to predicting a financial crisis. If proven wrong, the doomsayer is discredited. If proven right, he may be blamed for helping to

On the decline of work and rise of boredom

George Bernard Shaw, of Pygmalion/My Fair Lady fame, raised the question: “Have you ever wondered why I am a communist?” His answer: “Well, it is largely because of my sense of the great importance of leisure in civilized society.” Indeed, people need time to read books, be