Why it’s time to control the donkey trade

In recent years, there has been a huge, rising demand for donkey hides in China, where they are used to make an ancient health-related product called ejiao. Ejiao is made from collagen that has been extracted from donkey hides mixed with herbs and other ingredients to create

Can solar panels in space help power the Earth?

Where is sunnier than the Middle East and North Africa region? Not many places on Earth – but in space, the sun shines eternally, and unhampered by clouds or dust. So it’s understandable that a desert kingdom would team up with a foggy island to harness this energy source.

We’ve never been closer to nuclear catastrophe

The following interview took place on January 25, 2023, one day after the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists advanced the hands of the Doomsday Clock to 90 seconds before midnight – in large part because of developments in Ukraine. Helen Caldicott (left), an Australian peace

Should investors be spooked by Adani debacle in India?

The crisis and scandal swirling around India’s mega-powerful Adani Group heightened this week as hundreds of members of India’s opposition parties took to the streets to demand an investigation into allegations by a US. short-seller against the conglomerate. It triggered the

Balloon drama inflates pressure for confrontation

Seven days after a Chinese spy balloon began drifting across the United States, the US military downed it with a single missile. But the balloon, in a sense, continues its flight through diplomatic circles, complicating US-China relations amid rising tensions. One consequence

Chinese big spenders return to Hong Kong

More Chinese tourists have visited Hong Kong following the cancellation Monday of the quota system for cross-border travel and pre-departure Covid test requirements. A total of 273,000 people arrived in or departed from Hong Kong on Tuesday, compared with about 3,500 on the

Inflatables have been used in war for centuries

One of the more surreal sights of the recent Afghan war was tethered balloons (also known as “aerostats”) looming over the bases of international forces. These “persistent threat detection systems” carried a suite of 360-degree cameras providing a constant view – out to 100