New strategy to precisely target subtypes of key protein

Cyclosporine is one of the most common and effective immunosuppressant drugs used to treat chronic diseases like arthritis and psoriasis, but it comes with a risk of serious side effects. Scientists think that may be because the drug broadly targets cyclophilins, a family of 17

Evidence of the use of baby carriers 10,000 years ago

It seems logical enough: even in their earliest history, humans must have needed something to carry their babies around in as they moved from place to place. But because little hard evidence of this exists—no infant-sling fabrics discernible in archeological digs, and very few

Premature Evaluation: Yeah Yeah Yeahs Cool It Down

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs never had a plan; things just worked out for them. The trio arrived in the exact right place at the exact right time to create a deafening hype-storm, but the three musicians at its center never seemed to be contriving that hype-storm. The skronky, horny