LSDXOXO – “GHOST” (Feat. Kelela)

Last month, LSDXOXO announced his long-awaited debut album DOGMA . The Berlin-based producer and musician has shared “ BLOODLUST ” and “ 4LUVN ,” and now he’s back with “GHOST” featuring backing vocals from Kelela as well as production from Downhill2k01.

DEI attacks on Harris create risks for GOP

Republicans are warning their colleagues to back off using diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) politics to attack Vice President Harris as she launches her presidential bid. The GOP has had to quickly revamp its attacks in the days since President Biden withdrew from the 2024

The unintended consequences of success against malaria

For decades, insecticide-treated bed nets and indoor insecticide spraying regimens have been important—and widely successful—treatments against mosquitoes that transmit malaria, a dangerous global disease. Yet for a time, these treatments also suppressed undesirable household

FactChecking Vice President Kamala Harris

In about 48 hours, Vice President Kamala Harris went from No. 2 on the Democratic presidential ticket to the presumptive presidential nominee, after President Joe Biden dropped out of the race and endorsed her. Here, we fact-check some of Harris' recent speeches -- before and