No, Southwest Airlines Isn't Using Windows 3.1 In 2024

Last week, a good chunk of the digital world shut down and stopped working due to an update that caused Microsoft’s Windows operating system to crash and display a blue screen on millions of devices. This affected places like hospitals, schools, and airports. But one airline,

Yakuza 0 Is Rough Around The Edges And That Makes It Great

I’m fairly late to the Like a Dragon party. To date, the only games I’ve played are Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Infinite Wealth, Gaiden, and the spinoff, Judgment. They’re all great games and I’ve enjoyed sinking hundreds of hours into the series across all of them, but I think the

This Was Never About Anything Other Than Hate

On July 23, in response to the ongoing backlash against a Black lead character in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed Shadows, developer Ubisoft released a lengthy statement . The responses on X (formerly Twitter) were exactly what you’d expect: racist images, slurs, and calls for

How To Unlock Kyle In The First Descendant

At its most basic, The First Descendant is a game about grinding out unlocks . You unlock better weapons, more powerful modules , unique playstyles in the form of Descendants, and countless upon countless resources necessary for crafting. The goal is to have your eye on a

Sound Is The Key To Remaking This All-Time Classic

Even with its gorgeous modern graphics and intricate puzzles, 2024’s Riven impressed me most with its sounds. The remake of the 1997 sequel to the seminal puzzle game Myst is a masterclass in how creating an ambient soundscape can help flesh out the world of the game. Even with

How To Unlock Enzo In The First Descendant

If you thought unlocking Bunny in The First Descendant was too easy, wait until you see the unlock requirements for Enzo. He’s a powerful Descendant, with a big ole’ weapon to sling at enemies, but the grind to use this Descendant proves more complex and drawn-out than most.

The Best Class For Solo Players In Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV might be a multiplayer game, but not all of us are social butterflies. I mean, sure, it’s one thing to see other players questing in the open world, but do you have to talk with them? Maybe even play with them? Is there a class you can pick in FF14 that