‘So Help Me Todd,’ ‘CSI: Vegas’ Canceled at CBS

Both “So Help Me Todd” and “CSI: Vegas” have been canceled at CBS, Variety has learned. “So Help Me Todd” is currently airing its second season at the broadcaster, while “CSI: Vegas” is airing its third. Both shows are scheduled to air their season finales in May, which will

Dead penguins turn up in Mar del Plata

At least 40 dead penguins were found on the Camet beaches in the northern part of the beach resort and fishing industry hub of Mar del Plata. Experts say that despite its shocking effect on residents these events have been occurring every year as a result of climate change and

Where To Find Fool's Gold In Final Fantasy 16

Just like Echoes of the Fallen, Final Fantasy 16’s The Rising Tide DLC adds quite a few new pieces of gear for Clive to use. Among these is the Tonberry Knife, which uniquely deals low HP damage in exchange for inflicting high Will damage. Whether you want this blade for its

Biden hits Trump for inheriting wealth amid union speech

Welcome to The Hill's Business & Economy newsletter {beacon} Business & Economy Business & Economy The Big Story Biden seizes on Trump's wealth President Biden went after former President Trump for inheriting his wealth as he sought to appeal to union workers on Friday. ©